Concept Cars & Prototypes

What are Prototypes?

These are the cars the Factories built to show the general public what they were planning to build. Some went on the show circuit and other never made it out of the design studio. In most cases they were intended to be crushed and never let on the public highways. Thanks to people who recognized their potential value to car guy they were stashed away and brought back to life years later.

1954 Oldsmobile F88 Concept Car, Gateway Museum, Gateway Colorado, coming soon.

1953 Chrysler Storm Z-250

1955 Mercury D-528

Click Here for 1955 Ghia Giloa Turbin Car

C7 Corvette Concept

Buick LaSabre Concept Car from 1951

Pontiac Firebird Concept

Pontiac Banshee Concept

Banjo Matthews, Ford Talladega Prototype

Bill France Signature Ford Talladega


NASCAR Bill France 1969 Ford Talladega Signature Car

1970 Ford Prototypes: Ford King Cobra and Mercury Spoiler

1970 King Cobra and Mercury Spoiler II Prototypes; Click Here

Chrysler Turbine Car 1962

Chrysler Turbine Concept Car, Click Here

This is one of those exceptional cars you may or may not know of depending on your age, but believe me this is an important part of automotive history.

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  1. Looking for information on 1969 Lincoln Conchero Pick Up truck Lincoln answer to Ford Ranchero and El Camino

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