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Pontiac Banshee 1964

I remember this car fondly as the Pontiac answer to Chevrolet’s Corvette. It takes on many of the styling cues of the early Shark (C-3) Stingrays. This particular car has 1,498 actual miles and is powered by a OHC 6 cylinder engine and 4 speed transmission.

It was designed by GM executive John DeLorean (We all know who that is, right? Remember the DeLorean from Back to the Future?) to compete with Ford’s Mustang. The Banshee prototype was finally killed by GM brass, who thought the concept would hurt Corvette sales. Four years later the 1968 Corvette in a very similar silhouette would appear in Chevrolet showrooms.

The Banshee was supposed to be scrapped but a GM employee convinced GM to sell him the car. The car was driven less than 1,500 miles and only taken to car shows.

This is the only Banshee coupe in the world. With its long sweeping hood and short deck styling the 2,200 pound fiberglass body over steel underbody is beautiful.

This car is all original, just the way the prototype was developed.

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