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Special Edition 1972 Chevy Nova Found; Can You Help?

All American Edition

1972 All American Nova

I really enjoy it when an owner brings a limited build special edition to my attention. Most of us remember the Indy 500 Pace Car special editions. The race winner gets the official Pace Car, but often the factory will also build a few copies for the general public. However, less known are the regional sales promotion cars that are built in small numbers and only available in certain geographic areas. Arguably the most recognised of these are the California Mustang and the similar Colorado High Country Mustang.

1976 Spirit of America edition. Notice that this differs from the All American edition shown above.

Recently a couple from Virginia were visiting and one conversation led to another. I was asked if I had ever heard of a 1972 Chevrolet Nova “All American Edition”. My mind went to the 1976 “Spirit of America” edition of Chevys built to celebrate the Bicentennial. These included an El Camino, Impala, and Vega versions besides the Nova. He quickly corrected me, he was talking about a 1972 model! No, I had never heard of the car.

After showing me the photos you see here, he stated that this was his car, and it was a survivor and has been in the family since new. It was purchased new at Hunt Chevrolet in Chatham, Virginia. There is still some question if it was a factory special or a dealer special.

That question seemed to be answered when the owner stated he had located another survivor that was purchased new from an Indiana dealer. However, the All American Edition appears to be simply a decal package added to a white Nova. So the question remains, were the decals installed at the factory or by the dealer?

This NOS instruction sheet shows the correct location of the decals.

Are we sure it isn’t a generic decal package? Yes and no, the owner recently purchased a NOS All American decal package for documentation and use in some future restoration if needed. However, the paperwork does not say Chevrolet or GM anywhere but uses the name “Nova” and the blue Chevy bow tie.

Here is where you come in. Do you remember any of these or can you add any additional details to help document the car? If you have any additional information, please contact me at:


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