1955 Ghia Giloa Coupe Concept

The Ghia Gilda Coupe was designed by Giovanni Savonuzzi for the 1955 Turin Motor Show in Italy. It is a striking design which, in a much less exaggerated style, can be found in many American cars later in the decade. There certainly is some De Soto and Chrysler of the late 50s visible in this view.

The power is provided by a 1941 cc OSCA turbine engine that is reportedly capable of propelling this little rascal to 140 mph. I can only imagine what that must be like when it goes by. I passed behind the car as it idled by and the thrust from the big exhaust at even that low speed was very noticeable.

The car also has very advanced aerodynamics having been studied at the Turin Polytechnic and wind tunnel tested.

These photos were all taken at the 2010 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance where this vehicle was displayed as one of the Motor Trend cover cars. It may be easy to look at this car and dismiss its styling but consider that it was displayed in 1955 only two years after the GM La Sabre sitting next to it in this photo. The La Sabre was released to the public in 1953. Consider that this was the time of the tri-five (1955-1957) Chevrolets and similar vehicles with their boxy shapes.

For some reason the concept cars of today do not express the same sense of future and daring yet reality that the ones from the fifties did. I wonder what these designers would come up with today?

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