GM Firebird II Concept Car

This is the GM Firebird II Concept car from circa 1956. It is a running concept with a number of innovative design and engineering concepts. It is turbine powered and carries on the GM space ship design theme of the era. Although the production Pontiac Firebird was still over 10 years in the future parts of its design may just have some roots in this car.

Just look at that screaming bird on the hood and tell me it doesn’t have an ancestor on the hood of the Trans Am!

I am not sure you can call the roof a T-top but it has a similar feel to it and it also has that split grill going for it.

The cockpit is a 4-seater and the car is certainly a sporty rig.

Here is my idea for this car. Paint it black, but some gold pin stripes on it and get Burt Reynolds and Sally Fields to make an updated Smokey and the Bandit! When the Bandit makes some of those wild jumps in this he may never land!

This has to look more like a jet fighter aircraft than any other car put onto the road.

There it is! A real turbine power plant! I wish I would have had the video camera on when they fired it up!

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  1. That is sooo kool! Thanks so much for sharing these pictures with us. A real treat!! Mustang Mike

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