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Your Hosts on this Site are:

Richard and Katrina Fleener

We are located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee just minutes outside of Nashville.

Phone: (615) 848-0035


According to the Webster Dictionary A legend is a “non-historical or unverifiable story handed down by tradition from earlier times and popularly accepted as historical”; legendary is likewise defined as “celebrated or described in legend”. The right stories can make any car Legendary. Part of the fun and mystique of owning collector cars are the stories behind them. The stories about how they were acquired, about the breakdowns, about the special trips and especially about the people encountered along the way. Legendary Collector Cars are not made in a factory, they are made on the street, at the racetracks and at car shows. They can be Muscle Cars, Sports Cars, Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Classic Cars, Antique Cars, Collector Cars or any other car you love. This page is about our Legends and about making your car a Legend.



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  2. CAR CLUBS: List your car club in our links page. Send us your story about your best event last year; include good interesting photos. We may give you a full page. We also request you add link to your club’s web page.
  3. ON TOUR: A big portion of the web site consists of our stories about traveling with a car club on a road tour or our own individual excursions. If your interested, contact us and we will try to include you in our next tour.
  4. LOCATIONS: Watch for us and say HI! We are located near Nashville. The weather is good and there are a large number of car clubs and enthusiasts in the area. There are also numerous major car events in this part of the Country. We will also travel to other parts of the Country for major shows and activities. These might include a Club tour through the mountains in Colorado; a visit to the Pomona Swap Meet in California or a trip to the northeastern part of the Country to see the fall colors; there are also the numerous Super Chevy Shows, Fun Ford Weekends, Good Guy events and similar activities that occur regularly all over the Country.
  5. How are you making your car a LEGEND? Let us know.


Meet Your Site Hosts:

Richard and Katrina Fleener

We are located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee just minutes outside of Nashville.

Phone: (615) 848-0035



at factory 1997 C5 Corvette

Katrina and Richard Fleener at the Corvette Assembly Plant in 1997 with their new C-5 Corvette.

Dick and Katrina 80 Corvette

In addition to cars, we are also into animals. This picture is with our 80 Corvette and two or our Whippets. Unfortunately, neither the car or the dogs are still with us.

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  1. I may have info for you regarding your CJ Cyclone GT 500 . . . please email me and let’s see if I can help ya out.

  2. Just finished the first trial of my new 4 post lift. No problem with the motor, just a small leak.

  3. Mike Fink here in INDY.I just subscribed to your site, looks cool.I work in the Indy car buis. I know PT and have seen his new rat rod in a couple mags as well as your site. Its deffinetly cool.Buddy Rice,a former Indy car driver also has a bitchen Rat Rod out of Pheonix.I’ve recently finished a Rat Rod project of my own, would love to show it off on your site, Thanks, Mike Fink

  4. Mike, thank you for subscribing to the site. I like PT’s Rat Rod a lot and it is good to hear some of the other Indy drivers are into cars. Have any info on the Buddy Rice car? If you or any other Rat Rod builders out there are interested in emailing some photos to me I would be happy to post them on the appropriate page, heck I will start a page devoted to nothing but Rats!

  5. I’m researching infomation for a friend who owns a Cyclone Spoiler II which is in need of total restoration. His father purchased this car brand new and it has been parked for many years in a barn. My question is that his car is white with red decals/red interior but reads Dan Gurney on the decals? Do you have any information on why this would be? The son knows what he has and that it is a very limited built car and also knows that the colors are backwards but does not know why? Any help would be appreciated….Thanks Wanda

  6. Wanda, Your friend has a great car in the Spoiler II and will have a lot of fun with it when it is completed. You ask one of the questions that has a very interesting answer. First you need to know that the rear wing and decals were delivered to the dealer in the trunk of the car and were not installed at the factory. I have seen many documented cars without the rear spoiler. Back in the day many buyers in a Mercury dealership just thought the wing was a little too much and did not have the dearer install it. Now for the decals. I have personally never seen this before but the story goes like this and is very believable. Since some dealers received both a red and white Cale Yarborough car as well as a blue and white Dan Gurnery car; and since the decals were not installed at the factory the dealer was free to place the decals on which ever car they chose or leave them off entireley. It seems the dealer chose to use the Cale decals on the Dan car! What is the correct thing to do; put the Gurney decals on as the factory intended or put the Yarborough decals on as the dealer did? That is the big question. My answer is if there is no documentation that the car came from the dealer with the Yarborough decals I would put the Gurney decals on it when it is restored. However, if you have photos of the car when it was new, an invoice that lists the Yarborough decals or some other evidence then I would absolutely use the Yarborough decals. In the end it is entirely up to the restorer and owner to do what makes them happy. Let me know how this turns out.

  7. I have a 1969 amx for sale that needs a auto tranny rear band adjustor tool # J22698 and was wondering if you knew where to buy a tool or rent or borrow? anything

  8. Everyone has to realize that Ford did many spur of the moment things in those day’s without any documentation. They had no one to document it for. They were in charge. The “390” fender emblem was moot in late 68. There were a few mules built with 428 CJ’s that still retained the 390 fender emblem’s.

  9. My father owned a 69 Yenko camaro and I believe it is now in Cliff Ernst’s collection. The car was yellow with a black vinyl top and black stipes. Could you tell me if his collection is viewable?


  10. Richard, I know Barry Miller, with the Benny Parson Talladega. He told me about your web sight. It is a great sight!
    I have owned a 69 Royal Maroon Talladega a few years ago. I sold it and ofcourse regreted it eversince. I had another and it was wrecked by a young man, and a deer.
    Anyway I kept the front end of the Talladega. I put it on a 69 Torino GT. I have had it since 1973. It is fun to show and drive. No one knows what it is, a Talladega clone? Would I be welcome to the reunion next year with my car? I am in the process of rebuilding it now.

  11. Mike, Keep us posted on your car. Would like to see some photos of what you are doing. We have a limit to how many cars car be entered in the indoor show and those will go to the “authentic” Talladega Family cars first and if there is space remaining you are welcome to bring your “Clone”. When we publish the registration form, fill it our and send it in. That will put you in line for a space. I know of one or two others who are doing similar projects. Hope to see you next year at the Reunion.

  12. Richard,
    I will be passing thru Des Moines early next week and was wondering what I need to do to see the Chevy convertible display that is located Ankeny, IA. Do you have an address or phone number?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
    Ted Hickman
    937-417-5475 (email or this phone number is fine)

  13. Can you tell me where I can sell a Packard Motor Co. presentation antique gold pocket watch. according to a appraiser it dates to 1920, is 14 K GOLD, 19 JEWELS,IN EXCELLENT CONDITION

  14. Hello

    I have what I believe is a 428cj short block out a a rare cyclone. Standard bore with all internals. Scratched C on block. 3 finger bearing webs. 

    Vin stamped on rear of block is 8Z557082.

    Please let me know of any interest. 

    Thanks Mike

  15. Interested in our HIGH compression LS6 C3 ?
    Read “on line” Hemmings Muscle Machines Magazine Articles Sept. 2018 page 76, “From four doors to 454’s.
    Thanks, Tim & Audrey

  16. Richard

    I just watched your video from earlier this year on your ’69 Daytona. Fantastic information! I was the original owner for 23 years of a ’69 Coronet 500 convertible, 383 automatic. I wish I still had it, but I know nothing about restoration, didn’t have the inclination to work on it, and knew the car would continue to degrade if I kept it. It was my everyday car, but was all original. People thought I had repainted and restored it because the exterior was so nice. It did have some rust but the biggest problem was all the soft material, particularly inside, was in great disrepair. Iowa is not nice to cars.

    Thank you for your post. When I win the lottery I’ll get back to you to purchase your Daytona.

    John Andrews, 903 Sixth Ave. N.E., Belmond, Iowa 50421-1552. 641-444-3524

  17. John, thank you for your comment. I spent the first 40 years of my life in Iowa and know what the weather there can do to a car. Even if you win the lottery the Daytona is not for sale. I refuse to put a price on it for fear someone will be willing to pay that for it!

  18. I’m currently building a 69 Daytona. I’ve seen your project or parts of it. I bought my kit from Janack but need a little extra help. Specifically the headlight assy and actuator, and a set of deck lid hinges. I did see I one of you photos that you had an instruction sheet. Any help?

    Thx in advance

  19. Ric, Our car is a real Daytona and had all the original parts. We never installed the Janack nose. We used the original damaged nose and the Janack to help hand build a new sheet metal nose for the Daytona. Although Janack has died, I understand that his son is taking over. Contact him at I am sure he can help you with any problems you are having on installation.

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