Chrysler Storm Z-250 Concept

The Chrysler Storm Z-250 concept car from 1953 was a startling design concept that was never put into production. However, it provided an opportunity that arguably should have been explored further.

The long nose with short deck is very sports car like and 10 years later be revolutionary in the new 65 Mustang.

The Storm Z-250 was more than just a concept of the opportunity for Chrysler to produce a sports touring car in the style of the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette and yet to be built 1955 Ford Thunderbird. Sure Chrysler, as on of the Big 3, wanted to play in the sports car world and this appears to be a more than adequate player.

The car is obviously a two seater with a little storage area behind the bucket seats.

Chrysler had one more trick up its sleeve with the Storm Z-250. With the quick removal of only four bolts this touring body could be removed and replaced with a fiberglass racing body! The racing body was not on display but oh how I wish it was.

The lines a slim, crisp and clean very unlike the production cars of the day or even the tail fined monsters that were likely on the drawing boards at the same time as this little coupe.

Can you imagine the possibilities? What is this was available to day? Remove 4 bolts, heck, remove 8 bolts and remove the body of your Corvette, slip on a fiberglass open air race car body and you are track ready. The problem of course is not nearly as solvable with the proliferation of today’s uni-body construction. None the less this was a very innovative consideration for the time.

These stacked double headlights were way a head of their time but very similar of ones to be seen on production cars in only a few years. This appears to be a very serious design for possible production concept car.
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