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1955 Mercury D-528

This is one of those Detroit Concept Cars that you may not remember. It was never displayed to the public by Mercury. Not until the TV appearance on the Outer Limits and the 1964 Jerry Lewis movie “The Patsy” did the public ever see this car. We found it on display at the Petersen Museum […]

On Tour in Tennessee

If you are a regular to the site you know my wife Katrina and I like to drive our cars. One way we do that is with a local AACA Touring Club, Honk Rattle and Role. One of our recent excursions saw us hit the road in our Corvette to visit a couple of private […]

Steve McQueen 1956 Jaguar XKSS

As a car kid growing up in the 50s I thought the greatest car in the World was the Jaguar Type D race car and its street going version the 1956 Jaguar XKSS. This example was found at the Petersen Museum in Southern California. It is arguably one of the most famous. It was capable […]

Petersen Museum 2018

The car hobby is changing. Pickups are cool, station wagons are in and the demographics of the car collector are changing. No longer is the car hobby focused on hot rods and muscle cars just like it once was all about brass era cars and Model Ts. A good example of this is what has […]

1967 Ford Mustang Project Update

Over a year ago we told you we were getting back on our 67 Mustang Fastback. This car has been in my garage or back yard for over 30 years! Early on it was my daily driver and then served as the “school car” for each of my three kids. They all contributed to adding […]

NHRA Museum, August 2018 Part 2

This is our second article, Part 2 on the Pomona Wally Parks NHRA Museum visit in August 2018. For Part 1, Click Here. In our first article we tried to give you a brief overview of all the great cars to be found in this terrific museum. They have made some substantial and rewarding improvements […]