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1954 Oldsmobile Concept Sports Car (Olds Corvette?)

Before there was a Corvette in 1953 there was the GM Autorama show that toured the Country. It was full of the most beautiful Dream Cars ever collected. In 1954 it included concept sports cars from each of the GM brands, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac, and this one from Oldsmobile. Each was similar in format […]

Borgeson Power Steering Conversion 1967 Mustang

I love my old Fords but hate their power steering systems. At least in my case, leaks from the system are constant and inevitable. I really don’t like the feel of the old over assisted systems either. I don’t know how many power steering pumps and power rams I have gone through over the years. […]

NASCAR Legend You Should Know

I recently picked up a new paperback book that has just been released by Waldorf Publishing and authored by Brock Beard. The title is “J.D. The Life and Death of a forgotten NASCAR legend“. Although I enjoyed the book immensely (I read all 296 pages in two sittings) I have to take exception to the […]

Chrysler Storm Z-250 Concept

The Chrysler Storm Z-250 concept car from 1953 was a startling design concept that was never put into production. However, it provided an opportunity that arguably should have been explored further. The Storm Z-250 was more than just a concept of the opportunity for Chrysler to produce a sports touring car in the style of […]

1955 Mercury D-528

This is one of those Detroit Concept Cars that you may not remember. It was never displayed to the public by Mercury. Not until the TV appearance on the Outer Limits and the 1964 Jerry Lewis movie “The Patsy” did the public ever see this car. We found it on display at the Petersen Museum […]

On Tour in Tennessee

If you are a regular to the site you know my wife Katrina and I like to drive our cars. One way we do that is with a local AACA Touring Club, Honk Rattle and Role. One of our recent excursions saw us hit the road in our Corvette to visit a couple of private […]