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XKSS Jaguar owned by Steve McQueen (Type-D)

As a young car guy growing up in rural Iowa, exotic cars were not common. A Corvette was exotic at that time! Real exotic cars existed only in magazines. However, one particular plastic model rocked my world. It was a Type-D Jaguar race car. I absolutely fell in love with that car. It left a […]

1987 Dale Earnhardt Wrangler Aero Coupe Street Car

  Previously, we told you about some various Street Legal Tribute Race Cars and in another post we told you the unbelievable story of getting the wrong car shipped to us. We expected a 1987 Dale Earnhardt Wrangler Aero Coupe Street Car but that sure isn’t what we got. Today, we want to tell you […]

Buying a Car Online; Ups and Downs

Purchasing a car online whether if be from an individual, auction site or a reputable dealer can be a stressful process. Over the years, I have done it a few times with mixed results. I must say, the results are usually less than I expected if not down right disappointing. I eventually made a pack […]

Street Legal Tribute Race Cars

There is a new version of the collector car hobby that seems to be catching on. In recent years there has been a huge growth in track car and old race cars. It seems with the decline in the attendance and interest in NASCAR a lot of affluent race enthusiast have taken to the track […]

Hagerty’s Hottest Muscle Cars for 2018

What are Hagerty’s pick for Top Hottest Muscle Cars for 2018? Before we tell you what Hagerty Insurance thinks the hottest Muscle Cars for 2018 are, what do you predict? Does the list include a 69 Camaro? How about a 69 Mustang or Plymouth Road Runner? Does the Barracuda, Challenger or Corvette make the list? […]

Road Rage or Car Addiction?

I have been in love with cars since I was old enough to have memories. It started with toy cars and evolved into real cars as soon as I was old enough to know the difference. At 14 I had a learners permit, at 15 I had a car and at 16 I had a […]