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1000 HP Ford Talladega

The car world is changing from concours quality restorations ruling the show fields and auction houses too well done over the top restomods doing just as well. Most of us will agree that it is a sin to cut up a rare solid car. However, I also think we can agree that if every car […]

Aero Cars Return to Talladega Speedway

One of the reasons we started this site nearly ten years ago was to find ways to have more fun with our cars. Sure it is fun to have some friends over and work on a car or go to a car show and chat with new car folks. We even enjoy going out in […]

Legendary Collector Cars

According to the Webster Dictionary A legend is a “non-historical or unverifiable story handed down by tradition from earlier times and popularly accepted as historical”; legendary is likewise defined as “celebrated or described in legend”. It is history and stories that make any car Legendary. Part of the fun and mystique of owning collector cars […]

Write a Muscle Car Blog Post

50th Anniversary Celebration 2019 is the 50th birthday of the cars born in 1969! Many believe that the 1969-1970 muscle car years were the peak of performance and style. This is our opportunity to celebrate these fantastic cars and relive some old memories. During 2019 we will be featuring your stories and photos about the […]

Being Stupid In a Car

Youth = Stupid When I was in high school and hand just turned 15 I bought my first car for $150. It was a 1953 Plymouth two door, flat head six with three on the tree. It was rusted any place it could rust but I was proud of it and loved that car. Like […]

XKSS Jaguar owned by Steve McQueen (Type-D)

As a young car guy growing up in rural Iowa, exotic cars were not common. A Corvette was exotic at that time! Real exotic cars existed only in magazines. However, one particular plastic model rocked my world. It was a Type-D Jaguar race car. I absolutely fell in love with that car. It left a […]