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At times it seems like there is an endless supply of collector car, muscle car or other car museums all over the Country. However, the problem is like the familiar saying about policemen; there is never one there when you want one. When Katrina and I travel we are usually short on spare time but we are always looking for a good car museum to visit. When we find one we like we will share it with you.

We can’t tell you about every car related museum in the Country nor can we even tell you about all the great ones. What we can do is give you quick tours of the car museums we have toured and enjoyed. That way you can put them on your list for your next adventure into that part of the Country.

If you know of a car museum you can recommend send us the info or better yet send us your photos and description and we will add it to our tours.

Car Museums:

1931 Bugatti Type 51 coupe

CAR MUSEUM TOURS: General, Click Here

Wellborn Muscle Car Museum

CAR MUSEUM TOURS: Muscle Cars, Click Here

1966 Eagle #201

CAR MUSEUM TOURS: Race Cars and Tracks, Click Here


Packard Museum

CAR MUSEUM TOURS: Make Specific, Click Here

Other Car Related Tours:

Daytona Superbird 40th Reunion

Private Car Museums and Collections and More, Click Here


Atlanta High Museum of Art – Concept Car Exhibit (temporary)

Private Collections:

1970 Mercury Eliminator Boss 302

Private Collection in Located in Middle TN

Another Private Collection in Middle TN #2



This 1962 Dodge Polara is arguably so ugly it’s beautiful. But wait there is more!

Private Collection #3 in Middle TN

Private Collection #4 Middle TN

Private Collection #5 Middle TN

Private Collection #6 Nashville


Private Collection #7 Middle TN

Yenko Camaro

Our Collection

The Dodge Charger Nuremberg Daytona on the set of Power Nation.

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