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This page will give you an overview of our own collection of “Legendary Collector Cars”. These are the ones we own or some of the ones from the past. If you would like to see what we are or have been working on check out our Project Cars pages.


We collect cars we like and cars to drive and show. We love Muscle Cars and we are especially fond of cars that have a unique heritage and history. What you will find in our Museum is simply the cars we really love. Each has a very special story that we will share with you. These stories are what make them Legendary Collector Cars. We also will try to educate you on some of the rarer cars you may not have ever seen in person or even heard about. Others are simply fun cars. We will try to provide you with the most accurate historical documentation we can on the rarest of our cars. Some of the stories are truly amazing; one is the first car of its kind off the assembly line, another is 1 of 1, and another has been in the family for well over 20 years.


1969 Mercury Cougar 428 cj

This car has just been moved from our Project Car page over to our Collection page. This occurs when the car is drivable and we begin to use it on the street. It can remain on the Project Car page as long as we are making major improvements or modifications to it.  This is a 1969 Mercury Cyclone XR7 428 CJ. It has PS, PB, Air and C6 transmission as well as the XR7 package. It is red with black vinyl top and red leather interior. We will be posting some new photos additional photos as it progresses in its restoration. It is still in need of some aesthetic improvements and thus will remain on our Project Car page as well as be part of the Museum, but more than that, this car is going to be driven and used; a LOT. It spent part of its life on the drag strip and it retains some of that flair in the final results. This car was completed and sold.

For more on this mighty 428 cj 1969 Cougar XR7, Click Here.

1965 Ford Thunderbird Convertible, second owner; car has since been sold.

One thing you will find as you look through The Museum is that these are American Cars; with V-8s, many with Big Blocks. We have owned and driven foreign cars with 4 cylinders, 6 cylinders, with turbos and without turbos, but we love American Iron with V-8’s.

1969 Ford Talladega, first production car.

Below you can enjoy some photos of our favorite cars. To see more and learn more you can also click on the links below.


1969 Mercury Cyclone Cale Yarborough Spoiler; 428 Ram Air.This car is one of 41 Cale Yarborough Spoiler 428 Ram Air cars built and is one of only 10 know to be still in existence. This is a MUSCLE CAR! These were special tribute cars built by Mercury to honor the famous NASCAR driver, Cale Yarborough. His race car paint scheme, minus sponsor decals, was nearly identical to this production model. It has been featured on TV, magazine and hard cover books. To learn more about this car. Click on the image below.

Click Here to see our 1969 Mercury Cyclone Cale Yarborough Special.



1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II Dan Gurney Special; This vehicle is very similar to the Cale Yarborough Special except this one was built to honor Racer Dan Gurney. This car is a Spoiler II and differs from a Spoiler in that the entire front end sheet metal is hand built to make the car faster on the Super Speedway NASCAR tracks. Only 35 Dan Gurney Spoiler IIs are known to exist and this is the only Dan Gurney Spoiler II built as a heater delete car. It is powered by a 351 and not the 428 CJ but it has plenty of spunk and is a terrific driver. It to has been featured on TV, magazine and hard cover books.

If you would like to learn more about this Dan Gurney Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II, Click Here.

For a brief general history on the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II Click Here.

This 1965 Thunderbird convertible is a two owner, full power convertible with AIR! It is been featured on TV and used by Taylor Swift and Shania Twain for a TV video on the CMA Awards!

1965 Ford Thunderbird Convertible; Click Here to see and read more.

1959 El Camino

This 1959 Chevy El Camino is no longer in our garage but it remains one of our favorites. It had a 350 Ram Jet, 700R, air and full power including disc brakes.

 1959 El Camino; to read more Click Here


1969 Ford Talladega, This is the history maker. This muscle car is the very first regular production Ford Talladega off the assembly line! I don’t mean this is the first year they built Talladegas. They only built Talladegas one year and they only built 743 that year (1969). This is the very first regular production Talladega ever built. It is the first serial number in the Registry under regular production Talladegas. Talladega beat the famous winged 1969 Dodge Daytona on the NASCAR tracks in 1969. David Pearson drove his Talladega to the Championship that year and it is the only year that Richard Petty drove a Ford. For more on the 1969 Ford Talladega click here.



-Flash Back feature car for Muscle Car TV (Click Here to go to our 1969 Ford Talladega Muscle Car TV Video Page);

-Numbers Matching;

-Marti Report;

-Ford 999 Report;

-Build sheet, reproduction;

-Best In Show Darlington, SC;

-Autographed David Pearson items;

-1969 Daytona Speedway Brochure.

AMC AMX Barn Find

This is our Barn Find 1969 AMX. It is on the Project Page, 1969 AMC AMC Project Car, Click Here to see more. This car has since been completed and sold.

1967 Mustang Gloriana Music Video

This is our “Gloriana” 1967 Mustang Fastback Project Car, 1967 Mustang Project Car, Click Here for more.

This is one of the newest Project Cars. It is a 1969 Dan Gurney Mercury Cyclone Spoiler 428 SCJ Drag Pack Car. One of only 5 ever built! It has been sold.


2001 ZO6, we purchased this car new on July 4th 2001 and it served as my daily driver for several years. Now that I need to haul larger items than a client to lunch it gets driven only on “date night” with Katrina. It remains one of my favorite cars of all time.

To see and read more about this 2001 ZO6 Corvette Click Here.


Here are some more of our cars:

This is the 1969 Dodge Charger Nuremberg Daytona. We just completed a complete nut and bolt restoration on this car. To find out more on its history and to follow the complete restoration you can click here. You for sure will want to find out why it is called the “Nuremberg Daytona”.

1967 Dodge Coronet Restomod with a Hemi; this unfinished project is for sale.

1954 GMC Texaco fuel delivery tanker; sold.


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