Project AMX Barn Find; Phase 3, Engine Bay

We are well into the restoration process at this point. The engine is out and being rebuilt. The engine bay and underside has been cleaned and prepared for paint. The front suspension has been dropped and sanded for paint. Now here are the pictures of the work that is going on during this phase.

At this point the engine was still in its natural resting place but was being partially disassembled in preparation for its removal.

The engine is out and on its way to the machine shop. The underside and engine bay have been cleaned and water blasted. Note how clean and rust free everything is.

The car is now at the body shop and the engine bay is getting sanded and prepared for some fresh red paint. You will also note that the entire front suspension has been removed. All worn parts and soft parts will be replaced and everything painted before being reassembled. New KYB shocks will also be installed along with new calipers and rotors.

John at JW’s Body Shop in Murfreesboro, TN sands away to get a perfect finish on the soon to be red engine bay.

The car is starting to get its new paint. The engine bay has now got its color and awaits the motor and suspension.

The firewall is going to provide a great background for the new engine.

The engine right after it was pulled from the car.

Good friend George Houk is building a great 390 for the street.

We are getting close on the engine and should be ready for a spring run.

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  1. Lloyd Culp says:

    I believe that the pulled engine is not the one shown on the tire nor is it the one being rebuilt. The original engine is fairly clean. Probably all engines pictures outside the car is of the replacement 1969 390.

    Are you using the stock 390 heads or are you attempting to use the very high compression big valve ones from the 343? That appears to be the correct color metallic blue
    on the engine.

    Everything is looking just great. The car is worth all of this attention. I don’t believe that you could have found a better car to work on and to put this kind of effort into. I would be surprised if you find any damaage or missing parts. Rust also shouldn’t be of any issue at all.

    Lloyd Culp

  2. Richard says:

    Lloyd, very observant. The engine shown is the doner 390 block and not the 343 that was removed from the car. The engine is getting a mild Comp Cam, Group 19 high performance heads, AMC Edelbrock intake with new 750 Edelbrock carb, AMC Group 19 exhaust manifolds and a few other little surprises to be revealed duing the next phases of the build. The 343 will most likely get put back together with the 390 heads, intake etc. and held as a back up or possibly for some future AMC project. Stay tuned there is more to come.

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