1969 AMC AMX Project Barn Find; Group 19

This is the new Barn Find Project AMX. To read some of its history, CLICK HERE.

AMC AMX Barn Find


This 1969 American Motors Corporation (AMC) was sold new to George Hunkler on January 13, 1970 at Eddie Cordes, Inc. in Lawton, Oklahoma. A few months later it was purchased by its second owner who drove it until 1981 when he put it in his barn where it sat until we purchased it in November of 2009.

The car was in very solid condition but had not been driven for 28 years and the intake manifold had been pulled off the engine and placed in the trunk. The grill and front bumper had been pulled off for show duty on another AMX many years ago. The Red Line tires were severely cracked but held air, sort of. The paint was covered with 28 years of dust and the interior was covered in dust and other debris.


For more information on the AMC AMX; Click Here.

AMC AMX Barn Find Project Car

First Inspection

1969 AMC AMX engine bay restoration

Phase 1: Getting Started

1969 AMC AMX undercarriage restoration

Phase 2: Power Wash and Easy Off

Phase 3: Engine Bay

Phase 4: Suspension Rebuild

Phase 5, The Engine Build

Phase 6, Hitting the Streets

Phase 7: Getting Blasted

Phase 8: Interior

The Phase 9 paint and body work.


  1. very clean and rare find. just found my 69 amx sitting behind a buddies house and saved it from the AZ sun!

  2. Always wanted one,saw a wrecked one in Elkhart years ago,right side at door, pole or tree but fixable,but too broke and stupid to ask about it!

  3. My first time on your web site. Watching your restoration is so refreshing, after reading the mega buck jobs written up in a magazine I subscribe to. You know, the $100K jobs commissioned by guys with 10 cars, just not the reality of most of us out there.

    You guys obviously spent money, but on a scale I, and probably most guys out there, can relate to.

    Your muffler concept is now being done OEM by Corvette and others. My wife hates the drone from the Flowmasters on my Mustang GT convertible. I’m going to look into these.

  4. I am writing about the AMX that has been sitting in my brother’s garage for 20+ years! We live in Santa Rosa, CA. I have no knowledge about how this works but thought I’d give it a try.
    thank you

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