There is a growing trend amongst the auto enthusiasts to drive their collector cars more. This in turn has helped stoke the fire of building more and more Resto-Mods. Actually, maybe this is nothing more than turning the pages back to the beginning. After all isn’t the traditional hot rod little more than an old school Resto-Mod?

Hot rodders back in the day would take an old car and install a new more power full engine, upgrade the brakes and improve the interior with modern bucket seats or similar modifications. Are today’s Resto-Mods just a throw back to this philosophy? Yes and no. The same instruction book may be used but the results are completely different.

Today’s Resto-Mods, or Hot Rods, likewise deliver more horsepower but they usually also have air conditioning, power windows and locks as well as upgraded stereo system. The emphasis on today’s modern hot rods is more on drive ability and comfort than in pure performance. The Pro-Touring cars seem to be a better description of the modern hot rod.

We have become very fond of the Resto-Mod and we will be bringing you may more examples as we discover them. We will also make sure we include at least one in our inventory of Project Cars.

We are currently underway on a fabulous build that will take resto-mods to a new level. Stay tuned and when it is done you will get all the details right here. One hint it will be a MOPAR and it will have a Hemi!


1958 Corvette: This is one beautiful Corvette that one man built to fullfill his desires for the best of both worlds.

Reversion Mustang: This is not really a Resto-Mod since the base car is a new Mustang with old sheet metal added to it. The “Reversion” name is very appropriate.

 V-10 Mustang: This is a little different level of Resto-Mod that retains more of the original body and interior but adds a couple of extra cylinders!

Larry Payne’s Mach 1 Mustang: This is the first Resto-Mod Mustang I ever fell in love with!

Jay Leno’s Garage, 56 Nomad: When Jay Leno says he likes Resto-Mods the World listens. This is a Resto-Mod Lite and doesn’t go the full tilt of changes.



  1. I am looking for some input about my project cars.
    I have two, yes two 1969 Mercury Cyclone Dan Gurney Spoiler II’s. Both project cars, not drivers. Here is my question and would like to hear back from anyone that would like to comment. One of these has just surface rust, I plan to restore this back to original, not a super show car, but one that will look good and make a great driver. The other is a little rusty, so it will have patch work when finished; I want to do two things to this car. First, I want to add air conditioning to the car, I live in Florida, I have a third Cyclone that has AC so I can make it look original, even though none of the Spoiler II’s came with AC.
    The second thing is more radical, now that it is easy to purchase a 429 Boss from Kaase Racing Engines, I am staying awake nights thinking about how neat it would be to have a Boss, I have wanted a boss since I was 14 years old.
    And finally, a question to ponder on. One of the cars while blue and white and as it should be, I have the Marty Reports, it is a Dan Gurney has Cale Yarborough decals on the fenders, should I put them back, or replace them with the Dan Gurney decals. I know this would be controversial, but they came on this car, I am sure some prep tech for the dealership was not a race fan did not know the difference and just put the wrong decals on when detailing the car at the dealership in SC.
    Anyone one have any comments?

  2. Jim, I suggest you take this question over to our other site and also Register your two Spoiler IIs on that site. There is no charge and you will find a lot of other followers of these cars over there along with a lot of expertise. If you really want to get involved you can become a Team Member for $20 and have access to all the VIN details and other insider stuff. In addition we are looking for photos of Barn Finds and Project Cars for our 2014 Calendar, send me some photos at

    As for your questions, I will give you my input over there once you have posted on the Forum.

    Thank you.

  3. Our Daytona project eat up all my funds to work on it. It came to a stop and has not and will not soon get started again. I actually would like to sell it or trade it. Any interest?

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