Who is Dan Gurney?


Dan Gurney is the first driver to win races in the four major categories of motorsports: Grand Prix, Indy Car, NASCAR and Sports Car. To this day he is one of only tow drivers in history (the other being Mario Andretti) who have ever accomplished that feat.


By the time he retired from active driving in 1970, Gurney had raced 303 events in 20 countries with 25 different makes of cars winning 48 races and finishing on the podium 41 times! Among his most important victories: 7 Formula One races;7 Indy Car races; 5 NASCAR Winston Cup stock-car races (all 500 mile road races at Riverside, CA) and 2 second place finishes at the “Indy 500”. Additionally, he captured wins in Trans-Am, Can-Am and Sports Car races including the endurance classics at the Nuerburgring, Daytona, Sebring and Le Mans.


In 1969, he and Cale Yarborough were both members of Lincoln-Mercury’s Sports Panel. Mercury chose to honor these men with the special addition Mercury Cyclone Spoilers and Spoiler IIs.


The Gurney name wand colors were synonymous with winning ways. The colors chosen for the Gurney Special were a tie-in with his wins at the torturous Riverside “500”. These Specials were built in non-aero front ends (“W” nosed) cars and aero nosed (“D” nosed) cars.


On the NASCAR track his number was 121 and Cale Yarborough’s was 21.


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