1969 Mercury Cyclone Dan Gurney Special Spoiler II; One of One!

Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II



This car in our collection is a SURVIVOR, it is an original non-restored limited production factory modified car.

Unlike today, in 1969 the NASCAR race cars were actually STOCK CARS. Many times they were built from cars straight off the show room floor. I can remember seeing a lot of race cars in their factor paint colors. It was also the time of the AERO WARS on the Super-speedways. The win on Sunday sell on Monday competition between manufactures resulted in the Dodge and Plymouth winged cars.



They were built in response to the Ford Torino and later Ford Talladega and this car, the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II. NASCAR mandated that at least 500 examples of each car destined for the race track be manufactured before they could race. According to the official Cyclone Registry 503 Spoiler IIs were ever built (some experts say this number was greatly inflated and that number was never built). These were divided between two examples; 285 were red and white Cale Yarborough Specials and the remaining 218 were blue and white Dan Gurney Specials. The Registry also states that of the 218 built; only 35 Dan Gurney cars are known to still exist in any condition. All of the Dan Gurney Spoiler IIs were bilt exactly the same way except for one car. One of them was built as a heater delete car. This is that car, it is truly ONE of One.

Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II

Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II

What makes the Spoiler II so special? Each Cyclone Spoiler II had the entire front end cut off just in front of the front tires and 19.5 inches of new sheet metal added. These cars were all hand built. Among other modifications, the new front bumper was made by taking a rear bumper off a Ford Torino, cutting it into 3 pieces, welding it back together and tucking it up as close to the body as possible to increase aerodynamics, it became an early example of a spoiler! Over 50 parts on this car carry an “X” for “experimental” in the part number.

Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II

Although very similar in appearance and purpose to the Ford Talladega, the Spoiler II shares very little in common with its Ford sister. For more on the details on these differences you can check out our other pages devoted to these cars.



-Original owner’s manual;

-Original plastic Warranty Identification Card;

-Original metal warranty plate;

-Numerous Ford memos and info sheets on Spoilers/Spoiler IIs;

-Letters from original owner regarding history and authenticity;

-Marti Report;

-Special order Marti research letter;

-Ford 999 Report;

-Only 3 retail owners with Copies of all titles;

-Appeared on Muscle Car collector cards;

-Car Review Magazine November 1986; article;

-Muscle Car Review Magazine April 1987; feature;

– Muscle Car Review Magazine May 1987; article;

-Super Ford Magazine February 1988; feature article;

-Super Ford Magazine April 1988; photo;

-Super Ford Magazine August 1988; Feature;

-Featured in Car and Driver TV; 2003;

-Coker Tire Catalog; appeared in 2006 page 32;

-Route 66 San Bernardino, CA Invitational Best of Show Participant;

-Hemmings Muscle Machine Magazine Feature September 2005;

-Hemmings Muscle Machine Nominated for Muscle Car of the Year 2005 October issue;

– Muscle Car TV Featured Car two different shows 2007;

-PowerBlock TV 2007;

-Forge Muscle Car Invitational 2007;

-Featured on Mother’s Car Wax TV show:

Muscle Car Enthusiast Magazine, Picture Feb. 2008;

-ESPN2 Mother’s Car Show 2008;

-Featured in Ford’s official racking magazine Inside the Oval;

-Autographed Dan Gurney plaque on driver’s door;

Feature Car in Art of the Muscle Car Motorbooks, 2009;

-Autographed Dan Gurney race helmet;

-Invited/on display in Floyd Garrett Muscle Car Museum Seiverville, TN 2011-2013;

Muscle Car TV 2013 Floyd Garrett Muscle Car Museum feature;

-Invited 2013 Keeneland Concours d’Elegance, Lexington, KY;

Featured in Motorbooks Art of the Muscle Car Collector’s Edition 2013;

Featured in Motorbooks Muscle Car Calendar 2014.

-Featured on Top Ten Muscle Cars 2017 Power Nation NBCSN.


The following two images are of this car when it was used as the Spoiler II for the Muscle Cars collector cards!


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img_0090-small.JPG For the full story on this car click on the image.

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Because we have so many pages of information devoted to the Talladega and Spoiler II cars we have developed an entire site devoted to just these cars. In addition that site includes the first ONLINE REGISTRY FOR THE 1969 FORD TALLADEGA, 1969 MERCURY CYCLONE SPOILER AND SPOILER II, THE 1969 MERCURY CYCLONE COLOR CODE CARS PLUS THE 1968 MERCURY CYCLONE GT 500 CARS (simply click here). We encourage you to visit that site as well as use the Search feature on this site to find out more about these rare and desirable cars.


  1. Hi, do have a true (no doubt) Dun Gurney Cyclone II stored since 28 years, it is not a beuty but still a Gurney, engine is long gone but all x-sheet metal, rear wing and dropped “dorrstep” and more is in place. Painted in wrong (I know) and bad rear “wheel-fender”. What could it be worth as is or in a rapir 100% mint conditions. Do have ideas change drivtrain and engine to a sidoiler, N-house and big Rug. Your’s opinion to above. Value as is today, tomorrow? Regards…..

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