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AACA National at Mobile, AL 2018

From our hotel room overlooking the show field and Gulf Port we were intrigued by the tug boats that were always busy running up and down pushing large barges.

We recently attended the 2018 AACA (Antique Auto Club of America) National Show in Mobile Alabama. It was our first time showing at one of the AACA National events and I have already filed our registration and made reservations for our next one!

This home is typical of the historic architecture and buildings surrounding the downtown.

My wife and I were triple thrilled with the show. First off, we were not real thrilled about a show in Mobile, AL but when we got there we found a wonderful and beautiful city we will be returning to!. Over the past few years the residents and city leaders have been working hard to rejuvenate their Gulf Coast treasure. The locals are friendly. The architecture New Orleans like and they are the birth home of Mardi Gras. We were informed that the city has a much more family oriented parade and celebration. We have a trip to next years Mobile Mardi Gras on our calendar.

The Mobile skyline has several skyscrapers that document the Citys growth.

Second, The AACA National Show was not as large as most since this was a last minute substitute for the scheduled Porto Rico show. Unfortunately, due to the hurricane that devastated the island the show had to be canceled. The folks in Mobile did an absolutely wonderful job of putting on a first class event. Everything from the ice cream social on Thursday evening, to the tours on Thursday and Friday, to the dinner Friday evening, to the Show on Saturday and finally, the fast passed Awards Banquet Saturday evening were enjoyable and well ran. Congratulations to all those volunteers who worked so hard to make participants’ stay so enjoyable.

Third, it was our first AACA National Meet and we were intimidated by all the fantastic cars that were on the show field. Our 1969 Nuremberg Dodge Daytona was well received by spectators and Judges alike. We really like the AACA judging process. It is just a bit complicated but let me be brief and simply say that every car is judged to a standard and itself. There is a sequence of Awards that can be received by a car and the class it is in. First Award is a First Junior (car must obtain 375 out of 400 possible points); followed by a First Senior (car must receive 375 points out of 400) and finally a National; and then a Preservation Award. The First Junior and First Senior can be Awarded in the same year but the Preservation Award must be a year after the First Senior. Our Daytona attended its first AACA National Meet and received its First Junior the first time out! My wife and I were beyond ecstatic. Although this is not unusual there are many cars that fail to achieve this Award after multiple attempts.

I have included some photos of my favorite cars at the Mobile National Meet. What I can’t show you are all the wonderful folks we met for the first time on the show field and at the numerous show related events that went on over the three day meet.

This new design battleship was under construction outside our hotel window!

If you love cars I encourage you to join your local AACA club and get involved. We belong to the National and two local clubs in our area. In addition to showing we particularly like Touring with our cars in AACA events. Don’t think this is just for old antiques, almost any car is acceptable.

This is our show field the day before the show. During the show our cars covered this area from the shore to the parking lot next to the street! We were lucky enough to be parked right at the waters edge.
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