1969 AMX Project Car Project 1; First Inspection

We finally got this car home to our garage and had an opportunity to give it a once over and start our list of “must haves”.

1969 AMX Project Car

This is a 69 AMC AMX 390 Go Pack car. Automatic, Positraction, PS, PB, Tilt Wheel and 8-Track with Leather Interior.

Most restorers will tell you to make your list of what needs to be done to the car prior to purchasing it. I absolutely agree but sometimes you just can’t do a thorough examination prior to purchase. This might be because it is on eBay on the other side of the Country or just buried under a pile of stuff the seller isn’t willing to move. This is where instinct meets emotions and you must make a decision. My rule is walk away unless the price is low enough that the worst case scenario works. I have been burned this way and I have also made out real well doing this. I have also missed on some great deals because I was too cautious. However, I would rather miss on one good deal than get stuck with a real looser.

1969 AMX Project Car

This is a real grease pit. It will get a pressure wash to see what is under all that goop. Next will be a tune up and compression test to see what we have.

When we got the AMX off the trailer (drove it on and drove it off, managed to lay a big patch of rubber on the way) it went straight into the stall I had previously cleared for it. The next step was to do a quick overview and then go back over it making the first list of all the obvious things we will need to complete the restoration. Of course this list can be long or short depending on your desired level of restoration.  A complete 100 point show restoration will require a much much longer list than one for a Saturday night cruise car. With that being said, the car is very solid with the exception of the rear window and trunk area. This is where we will focus our initial efforts. Our ultimate goal is a nice driver quality AMX for having fun with.

1969 AMX Project Car

The quarter panels (replacements are available) will need to be replaced and this small fender area will need to be patched.

As you can see from the photos we have a big job ahead of us but you will get to see everything we do, right and wrong. If all goes well this car will be done in time for some summer fun. Please note that I did not say what year!

1969 AMX Project Car

The trunk lid is shot. A solid replacement has arrived.

1969 AMX Project Car

This area around the rear window has some problems but a body man has assured me it looks much worse than it is and he will have it fixed in a few hours.

1969 AMX Project Car

The interior is not terrible but far from acceptable. We will need all new carpet, might save the seat upholstery, new door panels, sun visors and a steering wheel restored. In addition, we would like to replace every seal and gasket but each will be evaluated before replacement.

This AMX will be redone as a very nice driver and kept as correct as possible. We will defiantly be going with red line tires but may go to a mag wheel rather than restoring the original wheels.


  1. George, thanks for checking out our AMX project. We are currently seeking and acquiring some of the large parts we need to take care of the rust issues. We will be posting info as we do the work. The next most likely story will be on the first clean up of the underside. We have had it on our Dannmar lift and it is covered with grease, oil and grime on the underside. Also found a lot of cob webs. We will be pressure washing it and scraping it down in the very near future.
    Once that is done and we have all the parts it will be out to the fabrication shop to put the new body panels on.
    Keep checking back.

  2. I had a 69 390 4 speed I bought new in Houston. Ordered silver with black, it showed up gunmetal gray with charcoal interior. I was shocked at first, but it grew on me. The darker color had a deeper shine. However, hood had dents as delivered, dealer tried multiple times to fill & paint, but the paint codes kept coming up with the silver color. Finally had a custom shop shoot it, but this was before the days of clear coating, and in a couple of years, the hood went flat. I ordered all the Go Pack parts separate as I didn’t want stripes. Put the Sidewinder side pipes on it & it really made it look nice. The windows rattled from day one, and the A/C could never really keep up with the Houston heat & humidity. Put 160K miles on it before selling it in Redondo Beach CA ~25 years ago. BEst of luck with the project!

  3. I’ve got a 1968 390 car with the Go Pack, myself. My Mother had it registered in her name from ’70 to about ’78 just after I was born. I just recently received ownership from her, and am really excited due to all the “stop light stories” I’ve heard. It isn’t a running car, and has been sitting in the yard for no less than 30 yrs. I am going to bring it back to daily driving standard, and then some (menacing grin…). I plan to do as much of the work as possible, with a little help on the more labor intensive custom fab. I’ve got a bit of rust in similar places to your own project, so it’ll be interesting to keep up with your progress. Thanks, good luck, and I look forward to more great posts.

  4. Mr Whitaker; These are great little cars, good luck with your project. Our project has slowed a little in search of good sheetmetal replacement parts and also work on another project taking priority. Hopefully, we will be back on it full speed in a couple of months. We will keep everyone posted on the progress.

  5. when I came across your AMX project I was happy to see it as it is a very rare occurance.
    I have two 68 AMX’s & a Javelin SST so I have great interest in following your project results. I also am a memeber of a small AMC club in Las Vegas. I will let or membership know about your project I am sure you will pick up a few more followers on this project.
    They are great looking cars but even more fun to drive you’l see. Good Luck and I will look forward to the final result.

  6. Dale, thanks looking forward to your comments on the project. I have wanted one of these since I started to order a new one in 1968 but bought a used Corvette instead.

  7. Found your site while looking for partss for my AMX projects. Bought one of these new in 69. 390 GO Pak car. Bittersweet Orange 390 4 Spd. Paid $3300. on the head.
    Anyway got the bug for one and stupid me wound up with 2. Both 69 Go pak cars. Auto 390’s with A/C. Got a guy with some AMC parts near me I am buying some stuff from him for mine. If I can help call me at 772 834 6999 and I will pass on your needs and your phone #. You can deal with him direct.
    If I can help let me know. I am an amatuer restorer but I love the hobby and the cars.
    By the way there is a car listed in Phila that would be a great donor for you rear window problem. Full rear window frame and filler panel between rear window and trunk

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