2001 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6


2001 ZO6, What collection is complete without a Corvette. My first Corvette was a little red 62 with a 327 and 3 speed. I was in college and it was a well used car. I loved it and thought it was the fastest thing on the road. It was certainly the fastest car I had ever driven. But wait, I really hadn’t driven much at that time.

Well, time has changed. Today, Corvettes may still be classified as sports cars but they are also certainly a muscle car! Arguably, ZO6 maybe the best Corvette of its day. The 2001 was the first C-5 Corvette ZO6.

We bought this car new on July 4, 2001 and have put nearly 50,000 miles on it since. Every mile came with a smile on my face; 85 mph at 28 mpg, wow! This car is the best high performance car suitable for everyday driving I have ever owned. The ordinary Corvette is better suited for the average owner but if raw horsepower never gets old for you, the ZO6 is worth the step up.

I have promised myself I will never drive a new ZO6 or ZL1; I know if I do I will be down at the dealer with a pen in my hand and that would not be good.


-Original Owner;

-All original sale paperwork;

-Original 2001 Dealer Floor sales display for Corvettes;

-Original condition, not modified (well maybe just a little).

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