1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 428 CJ


This Cougar just came out of its den for a little fun. It has been in our storage barn for 18 months and just got a heart transplant. It is an original 428 CJ XR7 which is a good thin in its self. However, it has spent some time on the drag strip in a former life and we decided to keep some of that toughness in it. The new 428 CJ puts out around 470HP and runs through a C6 transmission and 3:50 positraction. The traction bars and frame connectors from the days on the strip remain. We added a full set of KYB shocks and put her back to work.

Now it is time for the next phase in its life. This Cougar is now in the process of being striped and repainted. It will receive all new chrome and a brilliant base coat clear coat paint job. It will look stock on the outside but will be done in the “Day Two” theme. In other words it will be like a gearhead would have owned this car. Back in the day a car like this would not have stayed original, it would have likely had a set of mags, souped up engine and suspension upgrades. Yep, that is what is happening to our Cougar. Stay tuned and check back.


1969 Mercury Cougar 428 cj

We have the Marti Report on the car as well as the build sheet and are now trying to track down previous owners. The Marti Report shows the following options all of which are still in place.

-Black Vinyl Roof


-Power Front Disc Brakes

-Power Steering

-Air Conditioner-Whisperaire

-Tinted Glass-Complete

-AM Radio

-Deluxe Belts/Warning Light

-Door Edge Guards

The Marti Report also states that only 140 Cougars were built with the 428 CJ (non-ram air) and C6 automatic.

1969 Mercury Cougar 428 cj

The car was built in Dearborn Michigan on October 1, 1968 and sold on June 17, 1969 out of North Florida MTR CO in Jacksonville Florida.

1969 Mercury Cougar 428 cj

428 CJ Mercury Cougar

Listen to this kitty purrrrrr, click below for audio.

(Actually I think it is more of a growl than a purr.)


1969 Mercury Cougar 428 cj

What’s Planned for the Cat?

The body is very, very solid and the interior is in great driver condition and the underside is rust free. The car could be a show car if someone wanted to spend the time on her but this thing is way too much fun to drive so it going to get the “Day Two”┬ádriver treatment.

First of all we are going through the interior and replace the carpet, package tray and headliner. Next up will just be some detailing in the interior.

Second will come the underside. It will get scrubbed down, some surface rust remove and then treated to a very light undercoating and painting in appropriate areas.

Third will come the body, it will have the top layers of paint removed, a couple of very small rust eruptions on the door corners removed and patched, some panels aligned, small dings removed and a new coat of factory color and clear coat added.

Not yet sure about the wheels. May get a set of torque thrusts.

We had hoped to have this back on the road in top notch condition with the air conditioning blasting away prior to the Nashville Good Guys show in May of 2012 but like most project cars that did not happen. We also did a date code correct 428 CJ engine transplant and detailed the engine compartment and more so it took a bit longer. The car will be for sale upon completion!

Any Suggestions or Comments?

1969 Mercury Cougar 428 cj

1969 Mercury Cougar 428 cj owners manual

1969 Mercury Cougar 428 cj build sheet


  1. I have one of the other 140 428CJ with C-6. Mine is also an XR-7, in triple black. The engine, trans, brakes and suspension have all been reworked including a fresh paint job. It is a Q code and does have a non functional hood scoop, which I thought was a dealer add. It is a california car, not perfect, but I do enter it in shows just to get it out.

  2. Hey,

    Car sounds great. Where are you located in TN? We have a place in Lebanon and are in the process of selling our house in MA to move to Memphis. I have a 1969 Cougar XR7 with 428CJ and factory Ram Air that I will be bring down to TN soon and would be great to compare notes.


  3. Great looking CJ cat ! I am the proud owner the only 1969 428scj 4 speed XR7 convertable factory equipted with a 4.30 detroit locker. My car also was drag raced for many years hence its low 12,000 miles. In addition to this cat, in my collectio are a 1968 427 GTE/XR7,1968 390 XR7G non-hertz sunroof car,1969 XR7 390 4speed factory sunroof and a 1969 Cyclone CJ 4 speed with 29,000 miles on it.

  4. mine is r-code R531200 made in dearborn michigan and sent to finland in 25.4.1969, has now 70 oookm , yes it has kilometer odometer, ordered in finland 1969, leatherseats, cj 428 still original, c6,

    and it is not a pussycat, it is Cougar 12,7 1/4 mile.

  5. I owned a 1969 Cougar XR7-428CJ with ram air, Blk vinyl roof and Blk leather interior, auto trans. Bought it in Houston, Texas in May, 1969 for $4817.00 the Vin# 9F93R560125. If any of you have it I would love to see a picture of it and if it for sale let me know the sales price and send me a picture. 1115 Cleistes Lane, Richmond, Texas 77469.

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