The Mission of our site is to provide information on collecting cars to make you a more informed and happier collector. It is important for a car collector to enjoy their muscle cars, sports cars, hot rods or rat rods in a way that makes them happy, We will bring you the stories behind the owners and the cars. The stories about how the collector cars were acquired, about the breakdowns, about the special trips and especially about the people encountered along the way.

Project Cars

It seems everyone enjoys Project Cars. Seeing what someone else is doing can give you motivation on your own project or it can even provide you with some new ideas for your current or next project. Even if you are not inclined to do your own restoration work most of us enjoy seeing a project car in process. From this page you will be able to follow anyone of our Project Cars from the day we discover it until we take it to a show or simply hit the road with it. Most of our Project Cars are not destined to be show cars or win the big trophies; they are just intended to me driven and played with. Other Project Cars will have only very minor tweaking done to them to make the car more original or simply better running.

If you see any Project Car on this page that gets your motor revving let us know. Have a Project Car or Project you would like to recommend? What else would you like to see? Leave us a note in the comment section below or send us a private email to


This is a picture of the inside of our small shop. We have added a four-post lift; check out that project on our other Projects page, Click Here.


We are always building something and have a car waiting to be started. Usually the cars we haven’t started are cars we just can’t make up our minds on which way to go. Should they be restored? How about a resto-mod? Pro-touring? Other times we can’t decide if we should build it or sell it. You can help us out by sending us your thoughts and comments. Even send us examples of your Project Car; what you have done or what you saw at a car show that you really thought was unique or well done.

If you have an unusual project in your garage, let us know. If we have room on the web page we may even include your project in one of our Blog Posts! Take at look at what we have in the wings and give us some suggestions. When we get ready to start a car you will be able to follow the progress right here! If you want to see more photos or learn more about any of the cars, just send us an email and we will post your request if we can.

AMC AMX Barn Find Project Car

Click Here to visit the Legendary Collector Car Projects


Some of our friends would like to share there projects with you. These are not our projects but they will be of interest to you. If you would like to send us some information and photos on your project, contact me at:

Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II Cale Yarborough

Click Here to visits our Friends’ Project Car page.


I am ever surprised by the quality of the American Muscle Cars and Hot Rods being built all over the World. If you live outside the United States and are into cars and have a car show, cruise, car collection or project car in the works and would like to share some photos and information of the car with us US Gearheads contact me at:

Shelby Clone Convertible

Click Here to see our American Muscle Car Project Cars from around the World.

Completed Project Cars


Hood Latch Cable Repair Ford Talladega

Not every project you see here will be a Project Car; some will be garage projects and smaller universal projects that apply to any and all restorations. To see what we have going you can go to our Garage Projects to see some of the smaller projects, Click Here.

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  2. Randall says:

    If you are looking for a R&P for your project that can fit either a small block/big block and long tube headers give us a call.

  3. Perry Hancock says:

    Dude! You’ve got more projects than I could ever complete! One of these days you’ll have to tell me how you manage all of these projects and still get things done in the real world. I run out of time most days so the Pink Panther only gets a few minutes a month at best sad to say!

  4. Robbie Mohn says:

    I am looking for a ’68 Cougar for a project. I am in central valley california. If you know of anything near me I am interested in taking a look.

  5. Bobby McDaniel says:

    I have a 1973 Dodge Dart Sport 318 v8 project car for sale in Dadeville Alabama if your interested in a good project car you can reach me at

  6. TOM JENNINGS says:


  7. Glen BIGGS says:

    I have a 1939 Packard 120 flat 8 forsale been restored but has been in weather for two yrs still good shape been painted interior finished chrome. With little rust coming back call or write for pictures nice car.304-725-1555 cell304-268-1799

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