Wellborn Muscle Car Museum

Wellborn Muscle Car MuseumFor many years, Tim and Pam Wellborn owned and mutually managed a fabulous kitchen cabinet manufacturing company in Alexander City Alabama. Their life has been spent working side by side running the day to day operations of the company and casually collection cars together. It was perfect until an unexpected turn of events changed everything.

The company started suffering. when the Wellborns pulled out all the stops to save their business, their plan included selling the majority of the cars they had collected. Most would see this as unfortunate, but the positive pair was thankful to have the resources that in the end did help save the cabinet business.

With a revitalized business, but an empty garage the Wellborns set out to reclaim their beloved cars.

This series of events inspired them to own the cars of their dreams.

It is amazing to realize that the Wellborn’s collection of the muscle cars has evolved in much of the same manner as the muscle car industry did in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Muscle cars were born to a generation ready to rumble. The Country was emerging from the Great Depression and World War II. The Country had seen bad times and now had reason to celebrate. When the Wellborns’ livelihood was threatened and business was suffering, they turned things around. Now they had reason to celebrate. The quest began. Today, they rightfully own the largest collection of Dodge cars in the nation. The Wellborns have every color of the 1971 Dodge Chargers with the exception of two.

Their hospitality during the Daytona Superbird Auto Club’s 40th Reunion was beyond generous. They are very sincere car enthusiasts, good friends to car people and know how to make each and every person feel special.

We have visited many car museums all over the Country and to date the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum in Alexander City Alabama is at the top of our list. It is a must see, especially if you are into Mopars.

We have a large number of photos of both the inside as well as the outside of the Museum during our visit with other Reunion attendees. We have grouped the photos into two pages one for inside the Museum and one for Outside. Please click on the images below to visit these images.

The Museum is located at 24 Broad Street, Alexander City, Alabama and is open Monday – Friday 9-5 and Saturday 10-4, Closed Sunday.

For a quick overview of the entire complex click on the video.

Wellborn Muscle Car Museum

Inside, Click Here

Wellborn Muscle Car Museum Alexander City Alabama

Outside, Click Here


  1. Tim and Pam

    This is outstanding to say the least. I can’t wait to get down to see you collection.

  2. Just saw your place on TV What are your hours and days of operation and how much to get in?
    I’m looking forward to visiting

  3. I highly recommend the visit to this museum, what a awesome collection!!!

    Tim and Pam,

    I visited on 6-21-10, late in the afternoon. A very impressive collection of great cars. Tim, thanks for taking some of your valuable time to visit and share some of your treasures and stories. The story of the young man wanting the ride in the GT-40 hit home.

    I look forward to seeing the collection, as well as your staff and you often. I walked away very inspired, and gained a lot of respect for the MOPAR crowd. And of course, the added bonus of the 1966 Vette….

  4. Mr. Wellborn,

    My husband and I visited on 6-18-2010. Thank you for giving us a personal tour of your amazing museum and stories behind your cars. Although we are Pontiac enthusiasts, we love and respect ALL American Muscle cars. The RA IV Judge Convertable is as beautiful as it is rare. Thank you for your hospitatliy and we look forward to coming back and bringing friends and family with us.

    Cecilia and Robbie Lewis

  5. Tim, We so much enjoyed visiting your museum on Saturday Aug. 7. Your collection and facility was truly impressive.We were also glad that we got to meet you and wanted to thank you for your directions to the Ridge and Sinclair’s restaurant. We enjoyed both tremendously! Thanks again,
    Roll Tide!

  6. I have a 1965 dodge Coronet factory Hemi Race car that my brother bought new in 65. It has been total proffesionally restored over the last 11 years. Having just past away in March I am looking for a museum that would purchase the car. I have all the origional paperwork, trohfies, magazine articles and memobilia to go with car. A real piece of Mopar history. Please contact me by phone or email, Steve 585-314-7907 salmeter@aol.com

  7. Amazing collection! Gave us new color ideas for painting our mopar! Thanks for sharing!
    Barry and Jen Timp

  8. Hello,
    I saw your collection on MUSCLECAR and it is awsome.
    I am a mopar man myself , I restored and built all my cars . I show and race them as well. You have the best collection i’ve seen yet.
    I hope these young kids see your collection so they will know a honda and a nissan are transportation not Musclecars .

  9. Tim, A friend(Gary St Louis) and I were at your museum this past Monday, April 3rd. You gave us personally a tour of your cars, etc. What a marvelous place. Also, thank-you for your time. We enjoyed our visit. I HAVE A QUESTION! Do you know where I could purchase the round front side reflectors on the VIPER DIAMONDHEAD motorcycle I looked at. I would really like to put them on my motorcycle. If you could email me the info. I would greatly appreciate it. Once again, it was nice to meet you and the information on the cars and bikes were really interesting. Thanks and have a nice day. John-David Ridgen

  10. Came all the way from Australia to see this museum and it was shut with no way of getting in touch with the owner. Emailed more than a month earlier to ensure the place would be open (as it is according to the website) and no one ever replied. Rang the day before and no answer either…as a huge Mopar fan words fail as to how gutted I am. Our whole driving trip around Georgia and Aabama revolved around seeing this museum. Had planned for over a year to see the place and we will never be back in my lifetime.

  11. Really sorry to hear about your problem with the museum. We know Tim and Pam, they are great people and not sure why you can’t contact them. If you are still in the area try this phone number (256) 329-8474. Best of luck and hope you enjoyed your visti to America other than this problem. We have several friends in Australia and New Zealand who visit our web sites and have even brought cars up here for sumer tours and shows. Hope you can make a return trip and we would love to help you visit the Wellborn collection.

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