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Did I cross over into the Twlight Zone?

This is a continuation of My C-5 Corvette story.

Wow, I didn’t think that would happen, but I still couldn’t understand why my running lights would not come on in front of the CHIP. It must be some sort of electrical problem and I better get it back to the dealer. I pulled out of the parking lot and stopped behind a van at a stop light, looked up and saw the reflection of my running lights on the back of the van! Oh GOD, am I in trouble now! I needed to be in that little town on business for the rest of the day, if I bumped into that same CHIP again and he saw my “parking lights” on again I was sure he wouldn’t think it was very funny! I was sure I would be dead meat! He would throw the book at me!

Rod Serling: The Twlight Zone and Beyond christine.gifchristine.gif

And besides, why did those lights come on now and not in front of the CHIP? I was thinking does this Corvette have a sense of humor? Does it not like me? Am I going crazy? Is this the beginning of an episode from the Twilight Zone? Is this red Corvette named Christine?

It took some deep thought but I finally figured it out. The C5 didn’t hate me, it was just smarter than I am. The computer in the car knows the difference between “we are going someplace, we need running lights and we are just sitting here with the engine on and the door open”. When I was trying to impress the CHIP I never shut the driver’s door! The car is smarter than I am, it knows we aren’t going anywhere with the door open so we won’t need the running lights. Shut the door, put it in gear, release the clutch, we’re gone, we’ve got running lights! I prayed that I wouldn’t run into that same CHIP before I got out of town, somehow trying to explain all this to him again didn’t sound like a good idea.

It seems most of the best Corvette stories always involve a member of the law enforcement profession!


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