Richard Petty NASCAR Torino 1969

There was only one year that the King Richard Petty drove a Blue Oval. That was in the 1969 season. Chrysler refused to give The King a Plymouth with a wing and neither would they let him drive a Dodge Daytona with the nose and wing. He knew that without an aerodynamic body even a Hemi was not going to beat the new slick Fords.

He did the unthinkable, he went to Ford. This example is a short nose regular body Torino Cobra. This is the body that was still fast on the short tracks and road courses. For most tracks and especially the Super Speedways like Daytona and Talladega the King would drive the new Ford Talladega. It is basically the Cobra but with a much more aerodynamic body.

Although this car is powered by the powerful Ford 427 later in the year the Boss 429 based engine would take over.

This Holman and Moody Ford Torino raced at Riverside and won on February 1, 1969. Soon after this, at Daytona the Ford Talladega would replace the standard bodied Torino Cobra. Petty won 10 races in 1969, one less than Pearson’s 11.

Aerodynamics was beginning to become more and more important. Note how the rear bumper has the additional body work to prevent air drag at the end of the bumper.

I don’t know if it was more for safety or aerodynamics but the door handles were removed.


  1. Hey Richard,

    This is Phil with the Petty ‘bird clone. How are you doing? After looking over these photos of the King’s Talladega I noticed that the images say “small” in the image name. Would the full resolution photos be available?
    I just bought a David Pearson 1968 Torino tribute car that needs some work and I need detail pictures.


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