Race Cars

These are the real race cars, the race cars converted to street use or street cars built into race cars. These are the real beasts of the auto world.

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1967 GT40 Mirage

Smokey Yunick Indy 500 Car

Bobby Allison 1969 Dodge Daytona

Richard Petty Race Cars

Richard Petty 1969 Ford Cobra

Richard Petty 1957 Oldsmobile

Aero Car Reunion 2009

Ramo Stott Superbird ARCA/NASCAR; Click Here

36 Coupe street legal dirt track race car

1936 Dirt Track Race Car for the Street plus video, Click Here

This is one wild street machine that use to tear it up on the track. If you ever had dreams of cruising down the boulevard in one wild race car, you have to read this page, watch the video and study the photos.

Larry Davis 1969 Ford Galaxie Lightweight

Benny Parsons Race Car 1969 Ford Talladega

Benny Parson’s Race Car, pictures and video, Click Here

This is a real Benny Parson’s race car. It has, as most race cars, been re-skinned a few times. This is one great piece of history that is not afraid to be touched and used. Make sure you watch the video and hear the big 427 run.

1969 Ford Talladega Benny Parsons Tribute

1969 Ford Talladega Benny Parsons Tribute, Click Here

This Talladega is like no other. It is street legal and powered by a Boss 429 and built for the track. It is a tribute to NASCAR legend Benny Parsons. A video is included.

Belly Tanker So-Cal

Click Here on small photo to see this Feature Car, Click Here

ThisĀ feature car is the very famous So-Cal Speed Shop’s Belly Tanker. You are going to see it like you have never seen it before, naked.

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