1969 AMX Restoration; Phase 4 Suspension

The entire front and rear suspension was pulled from the car and cleaned. All new Poly bushings were installed along with new KYB shocks from Sparkplugs.com. Everything was painted as new or for best contrast. The calipers were rebuilt along with the rear brakes, new rotors and all new soft brake lines while the hard lines were cleaned and rinsed.

This is what it looked like while it was on the car.

This is the suspension just after it was treated to a heavy dose of degreaser and high pressure wash. Disassembly was next.

The suspension looks pretty good for a car over 40 years old! However, most of the rubber bushings were terrible.

Everything is getting fresh paint.

There is still some detail work to be done but the final results are near at hand.

The same red Poly bushings are being used in the rear suspension including the torque links.

Next Phase is the Engine.

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