Project 1967 Mustang Fastback: Phase 2, Front End Repair

Admittedly, we have been a little slow on this project simply because of our lack of definition of what we want the car to be. We still are not 100% sure of where it will end up but we do know what the short term answers are and they start with getting the body back in shape from years of abuse at the hands of teenage siblings.

We completed the rear end repairs and now it is time to move to the front end. There were some panels missing and all of the gaps were very bad. We started with new door hinge bushings and moved on to gaping the doors, fenders and hood. The final step was to add the front fascia panel and new bumper.

Before we started.

Here is the same view with the new lower splash pan, bumper and panel alignment. We still don’t have the grill and grill trim pieces in place but the old parts will be reused for this stage of the car’s renewal.

Here are a few photos to provide an update on the current condition of the Project Mustang at this phase.

Next Up:

Since our AMX is now out to paint we decided to hit the Mustang hot and heavy for a few weeks to get it back on the road. We just ordered some missing trim parts and installed the grill and trim. Our next goal will be to give it a tune up, replace the soft hoses as necessary and install a new set of tires and clean up the old wheels followed by some new carpet and other minor attention to the interior. We will also be power washing the underside and installing a new set of spark plugs, wires and KYB shocks from

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