New Muscle Cars: 09 Dodge Challenger vs 10 Chevy Camaro

Ok car guys and gals, we all know what he resto looking Mustang has done for pony cars. Now we are ready for next pony wars; bring in the new Challenger and Camaro. Katrina and I have had the opportunity to see both of these new cars in person out in the daylight and tell you, wow.

I think I like the Camaro a little better but that Challenger is great and it has a Hemi!

Here are some photos to help you figure out which one you like best. Send me an email and I will keep an informal tally.

Mopar guys here it is; the new Dodge Challenger: I think this car is a terrific update of the original 1970 Challenger. Almost too much so. I actually almost missed seeing this because at first glance it looked too much like an original car. If you park them side by side I am sure the original car will look significantly different and very dated, but what you see in the new car is almost what you remember in the original Challenger. Here are a couple of photos of a black Challenger and more of the red Challenger. I like red, or even better, Hemi Orange!







Bow tie guys get ready, here is your car, the new Camaro: Now this car looks new from every angle but you still know it’s a Camaro. Its lines are fresh but just like in the old days it has this strong family resemblance to the Corvette. I predict this car is going to be a terrific alternative to the guy who no longer wants to spend the family fortune to buy a new Corvette but like the brand. This car will never be mistaken for an old Camaro but its heritage is alive and well.







  1. The challengers are way too nice. I can’t do the camaro’s grille, just doesn’t sit well with me. I know the challeger’s 0-60 are low 5s, but don’t know the camaro’s. For the 1st time, I choose black over red. That black picture of the challenger is a classic

  2. For classic looks, MOPAR wins hands down. And it’s got a hemi! . I wanted to vote for the Camaro, having a new one in ’68 but it falls short. (IMHO)

  3. If you can’t see it ,your eyes are not open. The Camaro is miles ahead of those challengers. Look at the body lines,pure sweetness !!!

  4. The Challenger has always been the better looking car. The styling on the Challenger is truer to the original. Although the profile for the Camaro is nice, the front of the hood drops to much, is way too pointed and the tail lights come no where close to the earlier styles. What’s up with the bent grille and bumper? All of these things together just ruin the look for me. The Mustang stayed true, the Challenger stayed true, and although the Camaro’s profile looks great the other body modifications not so much. The Firebird was the better looking GM anyway. To bad they couldn’t have revived it instead. Sorry but the Mopar takes the prize in this case but I would kill for a 71 style Javelin.

  5. For me there is no contest here. The Challenger wins on looks. The Camaro’s front end looks like it was designed for the japanese drifter market. Ditto for the rear end. I heard that the designers initally wanted to make it look like a ’67 Camaro(which for me was the best looking front grill ever). Henderson killed the idea and demanded a all new design. I am glad they fired him.

  6. The SRT8 Challenger is hands down way better than the Camaro. First off, it has the HEMI. Everone knows the HEMI is GOD.The interior, the size, the exterior lines, the Challenger wins, hands down. It truly is the recreation of the 1970 to 1974 Dodge Challenger. There were so many different Camaros, Chevy did’nt no which one to copy.

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