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2018 World of Wheels Chattanooga

There were a lot of great cars at the 2018 Chattanooga World of Wheels car show but this Chevy pickup full custom was our pick.

We recently attended the 2018 World of Wheels Car Show in Chattanooga, TN. It was a terrific show where most of the cars were absolutely outstanding. I was a little disappointed to see a few driver quality cars sneak in but that is to be expected.

I used to show in the ISCA (International Show Car Association) shows and it was great fun but a lot of hard work. The cars there are generally as good as you can get.

If you are out looking for a collector car for your garage and you see classified ads that brag about the first place trophies the car has won, be suspicious. Just in case you are an early bird to the car collecting scene and still a bit naive there are a couple of red flags to watch for.

The first are the classified ads that brag about all the trophies the car has won. Next up is the “one just like this sold a Barrett Jackson last year for twice what I am asking.”

As for the first one, there are a bunch of different car shows ranging from 5 cars at the local burger joint up to those like the World of Wheels or even the Muscle Car Corvette Nationals which has the best of the best. To win a trophy at the burger joint all you need to do in most cases is show up a couple of times. As for the big prestigious shows the car better be perfect in every way and most likely cost more to build than the owner will ever hope to get out of it. A car that wins an award at these shows earned it and was judged by professionals not the car hop at the burger joint.

The same holds true with the high end auctions. The cars that bring big money are no were near what you are going to find on Craig’s List or eBay regardless of the price. The “early in the week” cars that sell for a “bargain” are not nearly as nice as the cars selling on Saturday night. The early cars are generally driver quality while the Saturday night stars are investment quality. There is a huge difference.

If you are looking for a winning show car expect to pay a premium because they have to be built to an extremely high standard to just get accepted into the show and an even higher standard if they expect to go home with a class winning trophy/award.

If your car can’t compete at this level don’t feel bad, in my opinion it is much better to have a car you can drive and enjoy rather than one you are scared to even sit in for fear of a wrinkle in the upholstery.

Here are some photos of the cars I thought were special at the Chattanooga World of Wheels Show for 2018.

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