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Studebaker; Subculture or Life Style?

1955-studebaker-smallIn my last post I talked about the love of a Studebaker and how the brand was and is under appreciated. However, Studebakers also have a strong following and each car has a unique story that goes with it.

Well, I got an email from Mike at Mikes-Show and Shine telling me about a post he did on his Studebaker not long ago. I thought you might enjoy it as much as I did. Here is what Mike had to say.

The Lost Company, Studebaker

When I was a young boy, there was a car company called Studebaker. Remember the Golden Hawk? How about the sleek and powerful Avanti? That was only two of the many makes and models they made. I remember a man saying, oh, maybe 40 years ago “When they start thinking of Studebakers as classic cars, the world will have gone crazy.”

Well, folks, call it a crazy world and I am in there as crazy as many others who think the Studebaker Company went away too early. Way too early. Those classic lines of the early Studebakers were matched by no other. My high school car, a’55 Studebaker President Speedster, was and is, a classic.

Now take a look at this car! A 1950 Studebaker Champion Regal Deluxe Coupe!

Here is the story. Mr. Jason Michaels restored it with his dad. Neither being a mechanic (I relate to this!) they began the process. From 2007 to 2009 they worked to bring this California rust free car back to its original beauty.

Jason, it was a successful trip, my friend! This is a quote from a letter Jason wrote to me:

“The restoration process submerged us into a subculture that we didn’t know existed. The land of Studebaker is peppered with some wonderful people across the USA and the world. I now drive our Studebaker weekly – an ambassador for a great brand that met an untimely demise, but that lives on in the hearts and minds of car enthusiasts worldwide.”

If you would like to read the rest of the article and see the photos that go with it simply Click Here.


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  1. Just wanted to say “thanks” for running my article on the Studebaker Company. I was going through the “stats” on my google page and see that many, many of the hits I get come from your site. It is really appreciated! Thanks again!

    Mustang Mike

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