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Flex Fuel? This is Flex Fuel! Chrysler Turbine Car Inside and Out; a Quick Look.

Chrysler Turbine Car 1962

You think Flex Fuel is something new? How about this Chrysler Turbine Car from the mid 60s that will run on anything from diesel to perfume! If it is flammable the Chrysler Turbine Car can make it go.

I fell in love with this car when I was in high school and it was just hitting the road. It was the Chrysler Turbine Car! It was like a Detroit Dream Car for the road and Chrysler gave them out to regular folks to drive for a few months! WOW!

Living in rural Iowa I never thought I would ever see the car in person. There were lots of photos and even some model cars but I wanted to see the real thing. I never did. I never did that is until just recently. Katrina and I were driving back from a lap around the track at the Monster Mopar Weekend in St. Louis and my eyes about popped out of my head; there it was.

Katrina had told me that there was some wild looking car driving around while I was cleaning up our car for the judges but unfortunately I shrugged it off as her spotting some old Valiant. When she said there it is again. I was driving; I slammed on the brakes, grabbed the camera and asked her to park the car!

I had only minutes because it was on its way back to the Museum of Transportation but I made the most of it. I was not disappointed in the least. I still have my reservations about the rear end styling. It is over the top. If the rear fenders and taillights were more like a 61 thru 63 Thunderbird the car would be perfect.

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I grew up and lived in Iowa for nearly 40 years before moving to Southern California and now live in Tennessee. I have been into cars since I was old enough to remember. I don't have a brand loyalty although I do prefer American Muscle especially the 1969/1970 NASCAR Aero Cars. (Check our our page) As long as it has four wheels on it I get excited. Few men are lucky enough to be able to share their passion for cars with the woman they love. Fortunately, my wife Katriana is also a gear head and many of our activities revolve around the cars. We have a small collection that includes at least one car from each of the Big Three. Katrina prefers all original cars while I like to modify them so we have a few of each. When we aren't playing with cars we are out with our miniature donkeys. You can see more about that part of our lives at

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