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Help; Does Anyone Know What I’ve Got?


I have what is called a 68 Mercury Cyclone GT 500 with a Marti Report to document what it is. The car is so far gone it is difficult to know what it is suppose to look like. The Marti Report says only 60 GT 500s were built. I have no idea what this gt 500 option included or how the car should look. Is it worth a restoration? Is the GT 500 something cool or just another stripe package?

I do know the car is an original 428 CJ so it does have some value. I have been told it was a special edition built for a NASCAR race in Charlotte and that likely all 60 were identical. It is suppose to be a GT with a GT 500 option, vermilion color, black bucket seats with console, PS, PB and AM radio. I also understand it should have some emblems on it but not sure what they should be. I have heard of two others in existence but can’t find owners or pictures of any.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.



Here is what you folks have told me so far:

1. Most believe that all 60 cars were identical but it has not been confirmed one way or the other.

2. If they were all alike and based on my Marti report; they would be orange with black bucket seats and console, PS, PB, 428 with C6, AM radio and regular GT package.

3. I have been told there was a swept back checkered flag emblem or decal on a small pole located on the rear quarter panels. It was likely pot metal type emblem chrome with black checkers. It’s very close to what was on the early sixties Marauders, knowing Ford they could be one in the same.

4. It is believed it had a white GT stripe (lower body – rocker type)
One person states: I think the checkered flag was on the rear quarter panels with a “500” emblem, can’t remember if it was just the numbers or a block type emblem with numbers inside…for some reason the numbers only seems right, in the vicinity of the side marker light. I didn’t have my camera with me, there was actually two of them in a guys backyard in the Charlotte NC area. He was a member on a NASCAR pitcrew, Bud Moore racing team…way back in 1980.

5. Several people remember seeing a group of these cars at a race track, likely Charlotte, for a NASCAR race. That would make sense since it was 1968 etc. Anyone have any old NASCAR programs, newspapers or other items that might show the cars?

7. The build date on the my car is May 4, 1968; again this would work for the Memorial Day Charlotte World 600 race. The car was sold on June 10th so it could have been at the track with other similar cars. I am trying to contact the track and see if they might have any old records from back then.

8. Can anyone remember any more detail that would help? You can send an email or leave comments at the bottom of the page.

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  1. I’m not positive but i think it is a 1968 Mercury Cyclone GT Fastback with a 4sp Manual and a 390 4V Engine.

  2. What is the VIN number? That will tell what engine is supposed to be in there. It seems to be built a little too early to be a 428CJ. This is a very rare car. Insanely rare if it is in fact a 428CJ. The emblems on the rear quarter will have the checkered flags (65 Cyclone) and say Cyclone 500. I used to have the emblems you need and probably a ton of other stuff, but my shop burned to the ground and all was lost. Any other questions, feel free to email me. I have had many 68/69 Cyclones.

  3. Hi i have a 1968 cyclone gt 500 possibly that was parked in 1970 so very original car right down to water pump and radiator 30000 miles i started thinking something weird going on spindles and rotors on the car cyclone spoiler talladega only, serial # 8h15j612599 d.s.o 34 car was built 7-12-1968 any help would appreciated thanks phil

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