1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler; Cale Yarborough Special Complete Restoration Photos

The following links will take you to more detailed photos of this restoration.


Phase 1; We get started


Phase 2; Paint comes off


Phase 3; Discovery


Phase 4; Repairs


Phase 5: Going Backwards to go Forward


Phase 6: The Fun Begins


Phase 7: More Fun


Phase 8: It’s Coming Together


Phase 9: It’s Done!!

Cale Yarborough Special

It is done, Check Out the Results!

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  1. jimk dillard says:


    love your web page and enjoyed the forge car show in kingsport. i have the pleasure of owning a spoiler II in which my grandfather bought new. at this time, i’m looking for someone to restore this gem. i love the restorationds on this page, do take all your project cars to stacey’s restoration? thanks for any feedback.


  2. Richard says:

    Jim, thank you for your comment regarding our web site. I have used different people at different times on restorations and I am sure there are lots of shops that can do a quality job. I also know there are a lot more shops that are better at taking your money than doing a good job. I can say that my experiences with Mark Stacey have been excellent and his work is top notch. I have 3 cars in line to visit his shop right now so he hasn’t done all my work in the past but he will be doing a lot of it in the future!

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