Project Barn Find AMX Phase 6: Back on the Road

We ran into a few delays over the past few months but the Barn Find AMX has now found the road! The engine is in the car and running like a champ. We lightened the car considerably by BURNING most of the RUBBER of the back tires before we installed the new BFGs mounted on American Racing polished wheels.

We also installed a completely new exhaust system from the factory Group 19 headers back through two very unusual mufflers too the very back. We will do a complete review and evaluation of the mufflers on another page.

Before we do much more we want to put some miles on it to make sure there are no leaks or other issues to deal with. Heck, really all we want to do is drive it and see how it drives. That report will be next up.

As a little update, thought you might like to hear the new VaraFlow mufflers we installed on our little Barn Find. Here is an update with audio on what it sounds like, Click Here.

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