Project AMX: Phase 5, the Engine

This is the nearly complete 390 Group 19 engine that will be going into our Barn Find AMX. In addition to the Group 19 Edelbrock intake and AMC headers, Comp Cam we are using a Pertronix Billet 13 Flame Thrower distributor with built in RPM limiter. Below are some additional photos of the build.

Here is what we started with. Since the car was an original 343 Go Pack with Group 19 options we converted it to a 390 with Group 19 options! More cubs are always better!

My good friend George Houk, former Thunderbolt engine builder, is the talent behind this build.

All of the engine machine work was done at Shacklett Auto Machine in Nashville Tennessee. Although we planned to return there for a dyno run technical problems with the dyno prevented us from doing so. We were able to put the engine on their machine and do a controlled break-in on the engine. It sounded sweet and strong!

Love that AMC engine paint. It looks like a custom color. Will give terrific contrast with the red engine bay.

It still has parts to go but is really starting to look like a beast.

Here is the rare AMC Performance over the counter Edelbrock R4B Goup 19 intake.

When you are building your car/engine make sure you document all the numbers with a camera for he next owner. Put it all in a notebook and it will save a lot of time later on when the buyer wants to make sure all the parts are what you say they are.

You don’t need to worry about what size engine you have from AMC, they cast it into the side of the block!

These are the rare AMC Group 19 factor exhaust manifold headers.

Here is a close up of the numbers on the manifold.

Here are the numbers on the Group 19 heads.

Next up is putting the transmission and engine in the car. This will also lead to the completion of detailing the rest of the underside, installation of the unique exhaust that is planned and then it is off to the body and paint booth.

The engine is back and it is time for it to meet back up with the body!

Here it is. We estimate the HP at 400 and the AMX is waiting its arrival!

We are using some special AMC valve covers and matching wire looms. The distributor comes from Pertronix and has a built in rev limiter to prevent damage from an over eager driver.

There it is, home again! There is still a lot of detail work to do but boy this feels good.

Of course we could not stop with the engine we had to go on and also put the 4-speed trans, clutch and drive shaft into the car the same day.

Things are looking pretty good on the underside. This is not meant to be a show queen; she is built to drive but look at pretty as is reasonable for such a car.

That’s all for this Phase. Phase 6 will be finishing off the engine compartment and hitting the road for some test drives.

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