Trans Am Series Race History DVD

We usually don’t do reviews of DVDs but we love vintage Trans Am and this is a great history on one DVD. When I first saw this video was available I knew I had to have it. I am partial to the early years of the Trans Am Series but always enjoyed it throughout the years of its existence.


This DVD does an excellent job of providing a quick historical overview of the Trans Am Series history from its beginning. Included are some excellent racing footage as well as interviews with drivers. Some of their insider comments about the cheating going on back-in-the-day will put a big smile on your face. The revelations will also provide a lasting impression of how serious the factories were about winning on Sunday to sell on Monday.

If you are into racing, muscle cars, pony cars or the late 60s and early 70s you must have this DVD in your collection. Heck, the race track photos of all the young girls and vintage clothing of that period are worth the price of the DVD. You can find this DVD just about anywhere from and eBay, too Motorbooks.

Below is a brief hint of what you will find on the DVD.


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