GTO; The Collector’s Guide for 1964-1974


This is the car that started it all, the 1964 Pontiac GTO!

When you talk about Muscle Cars few people will disagree that it was the 1964 Pontiac GTO that started it all. There were high powered cars before the GTO but Pontiac was the first manufacturer to cram a big motor into a small body and try to sell it to the youth of America. The Ford Mustang came out right on its heels but the Mustang was a different kind of animal. It was designed to be the car for everyone who wanted sporty but not necesarily go fast.

If you wanted a GTO, you wanted to go FAST!

This book, Collector’s Originality Guide Pontiac GTO 1946-1974 by Thomas DeMauro and published by Motorbooks, is just what I like. It covers the 1964-1974 Pontiac GTO in depth and with color photos. Not every car in this book is concours perfect, not every car in this book is the rarest GTO you will ever see. In fact, once we got past 1972 I am embarrassed to call some of the examples GTOs at all! However, this book will give you a wealth of information in text and photos. The Appendix is crammed full of codes, production numbers and data plate information to help you decode that Goat you are looking for.


Each year of GTO is covered in its own chapter. At the end of each chapter there is even a table of data which lists the dealer-installed oddities, option codes and option groups.


In 1968 the Pontiac GTO with its body colored front bumper set the gearheads a jumping. Until then a bumper was always chromed. Look at today’s cars, not a chrome bumper to be found.

If you have your favorite year you will want to study that chapter in detail. However, for more information you will also need to read the other chapters as well. Obviously, a lot of GTO specifications were carried over from year to year and the author, for good reason, did not repeated this same information in every chapter. To get a full picture of your GTO you will also want to review the previous years and chapters to see what may also be applicable to your year.


Without a doubt, if I was looking for a GTO it would be an Orbit Orange one like this!


I know this 1974 Pontiac is a GTO but in my mind the GTO ended in 1972. This will just never be the GTO I remember.

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