2010 Camaro; How did they do it?

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I would say almost everyone who visits this site is anxiously awaiting the formal birth of the 2010 Camaro. I don’t care if you love Mopars, Fords or some other brand you know the Camaro is a Legend. You also know that GM is on life support. Will the new Camaro make it to the delivery room and survive or will it die with its parents and relatives in the GM family? We will soon know.

The new book, Camaro A Legend Reborn, was just published in early 2009 by Motorbooks. The author is Larry Edsall. He contributed some of the photos used in the book but most are from the records of GM.

If you have never read a book like this I highly recommend it. It is one of my favorite types to read. It is an insider’s perspective of the historical record on how the new 2010 Camaro came to be (we hope). Such insider information is but an appetizer of what the car we are all waiting for will be like.

GM, at one time, was America; at that time it was believed that “what was good for GM was good for America”. Camaro, at one time, was GM; in its prime Camaro was the car for the young, the baby boomer, for America. It was the challenger to the Mustang. It was the everything car for the working stiff who wanted something sporty. It was a six cylinder convertible for the recently graduated high school cheerleader or it was the fire breathing, ground shaking 427 Yenko for the street racer.


This is a shot inside the GM garage at Nurburgring. You can see the Camaro on the lift, a yellow Cobalt SS and three Corvettes plus a camouflaged Opel prototype; all ready for testing on the “ring”.

Unfortunately, and sadly, GM and Camaro drifted out of grace with most of America. The Camaro was put to sleep and GM continued to slide down hill.

Then, as part of GM reinventing itself, the Camaro was also reinvented. This book tells you how and why. It tells you about the obstacles, the internal GM competitions, the failures and the successes leading to the 2010 Camaro.

Camaro A Legend Reborn contains numerous photos and stories about the design process and the prototypes that were built. There are first hand accounts of the 66% cars testing in Australia and the 99% cars testing in California.


How about some spirited driving in some Camaro prototypes?

Why isn’t the Camaro a full retro design like the Mustang and Challenger? What were some of the alternative design solutions? What were some of the early design sketches? Was the 1969 Camaro really that important in the design of the 2010 Camaro? Who were the Twelve Disciples and why were there fifteen? This book answers these and many more questions about the new Camaro.

Here you see the 2010 Camaro prototype and Pontiac G8 GXP on test in Switzerland.

As a kid, building model cars from AMT plastic kits I dreamed of someday being an automobile stylist and working for GM. I imagined it would be like working in Disney Land. My dream shifted as I became older but I never stopped wondering, what if. I was reminded of that dream as I read this book. It was clear that the engineers and designers working on the new Camaro had similar dreams growing up but they never strayed from their dreams. It is also clear they have a passion for cars. Most have a significant passion for the Camaro. They are working in their perfect place and on their dream car, the new Camaro.


This test of the Camaro prototypes is taken outside the Julian Pie Company near San Diego, CA.

As you read Camaro A Legend Reborn you will see a glimpse of what the new GM might have been and the cars it can produce. This book is not only a look at how a Legend is Reborn from its beginning as a colorful sketch on paper to the factory assembly line production of the first cars; it is a hint of what GM might have been or what it might still become.


What would you do if you were working the drive-through window at McDonalds and a new 2010 Camaro SS camouflaged prototype pulled through? This one is in Big Bear, CA!

I hope GM survives and survives as an independent company not an arm of the US Government, right now we need GM to be the new “Rocky Balboa“.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Period of Mourning

Chapter 2: Camaro Comes off the Shelf

Chapter 3: Jam Session in Studio X

Chapter 4: The Inside Story

Chapter 5: Crying Out Loud-and for Joy

Chapter 6: Of Paramount Importance

Chapter 7: The Real Transformers of Fisherman’s Bend

Chapter 8: Creative Tensions

Chapter 9: Victoria’s Secret Is Out

Chapter 10: ‘Ring Around the Racetrack

Chapter 11: Expectations Fulfilled

Chapter 12: Factory Options

Chapter 13: Drive Time



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