1969 Ford Talladega New Article

The following is a news article dated April 1969 talking about the all new Ford Model “T”. This reference to the new Ford Talladega could not possibly be more misleading than to refer to the new aerodynamic muscle car headed to the NASCAR Super Speedways as the Model “T”! They have nothing in common other than the name Ford.

The article below has some additional editorial errors but it makes for some fascinating reading non the less.

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  1. This story is one of the 1st. stories I have found on the Talladega. This is a real Proto Type and is the Red Banjo car. It is owned my Jason Thompson and you can see it at the Talladgea Family Reunion in Oct. of this year 2010.
    This car is an out standing piece of Ford and Talladega History. Glad Mr.Fleener put it on his Talladega site for all to enjoy…….

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