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1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler Dan Gurney SpecialFor sometime now we have been trying to track down the straight scope on the 1968 Mercury Cyclone GT 500. We still aren’t there but get closer with every response from you readers. One very interesting development has occurred; while searching for info on the Cyclone GT 500 we were told about a 1968 Mercury Cougar GT 500!

We just added a page with that info on it today. You can click on the link in the list below. Again, we ask that if you have any additional information on these cars please pass it along and we will share it with our readers. Of course photos are extremely important in documenting these cars. We can write about them all day long but we need to see what they actually looked like.

All this interest in these two cars got me thinking about the other Factory Built Regional Promotions I know about. There are the California Special Mustang from 1968 and the very similar High Country Mustang (Colorado Special), the 1970 Mustang Twister and its sister the 1970 Torino Cobra Twister. I know there must be more.

This is where you come in. I need you to send me as much info as you can on any Special Factory production vehicles you remember and can document. This is for the standardly accepted Muscle Car Years between 1964 and 1972 but excludes all Pace Cars for any race. The Factory Specials have to have been produced in multiples (no one-offs) and available through any dealership nation wide or limited geographic region. We will also include the NASCAR aero cars such as the Dodge Daytona, Plymouth Superbird and Ford Talladega. These have to be factory built cars and not dealer specials and no Copo cars. It can be a regional sales promotion, special engine package or body/paint but has to have a factory origin.

What do you remember and what do you have? To me it seems that the Blue Oval folks did much more of this than the Bow Tie guys or the Mopar folks.

Here is the list we have to begin with:


1956 XKSS




-Mercury Cougar GT 500


-Mercury Cyclone GT 500


1969 Benny Parson Ford Talladega Race Car

The Aero Cars; Ford Talladega and Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II (details)

1969 Ford Talladega

-Ford Talladega

Cale Yarborough Special

Mercury Spoiler; Cale Yarborough and Dan Gurney Specials

Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II

Mercury Spoiler II; Cale Yarborough and Dan Gurney Specials


-Ford Mustang “The Going Thing”



-Mustang Twister


-Torino Twister



-Dodge Charger 500

Dodge Daytona

-Dodge Daytona


Aero Warriors Plymouth Superbird

-Plymouth Superbird



  1. AMC was big into factory specials. The Rebel Raider, Pacer Sundowner, Westerner Wagon and the ultra-rare…

    Playboy Pink AMX

    The Bunny. Angela Dorian aka Victoria Vetri receiving the keys to her brand new Playboy Pink AMX. Angela stated “she was still searching for ‘the ideal man’ when she got the keys from American Motors’ vice president of marketing services R. W. McNealy in this photo. Angela got the car for being chosen Playmate of the Year by the readers of Playboy magazine. The AMX Dash Plaque reads 362435, (her measurements!) and is the only 68-70 AMX to have a six digit dash number. Signed in the contract was a Pink AMX was to be made available at each location for the tour to pick up Angela at ther airport and for display at the club. (9)

    The relationship between Playboy Magazine and American Motors would be a good one, lasting well into the late 1980s. However, it is great to know some of AMC’s marketing techniques including having their “meetings” at Playboy mansions across the US, would not only boost their image, but also target the younger generation “youth market” with their new musclecar. This in turn would lead to a better image, and would sell more Javelins, Rogues and Rebels.

    You would see more Pink AMXs in later years, but not affiliated with Playboy.
    These were “Regional Dealership Promotions.”

    Badger Javelin Driveaway, Milwaukee, WI, 1969

    “The Badger Javelin was unique to Wisconsin only, as were many of “regional” promotions aimed at certain markets. There were approximately 80 1969 Javelins built for this promotion. All were painted white with special red reverse “C” stripe and lettering on the doors. They also came equipped with the new for 1969 “roof spoiler” and “twin hood scoops” which was part of the MOD PACKAGE one could order on any production color 1969 Javelin……and you could get the MOD on any 232-6, 290V8, 343V8 or 390V8 equipped 69 Javelin. The MOD PACKAGE would be extended to 1970, however for 70, the twin scoops were gone….but like 69 you could also get it on a base 232 or new 258-6 Javelin up to the 390V8. The roof spoiler was NOT available on any Mark Donohue Javelin with the ducktail spoiler. But the Badger Javelin all sported the AMX 390 engine, and besides the Frost white paint, also had red interiors! Very striking indeed!


    Dennis McQuade, rt, manager of Specker Motor Sales, Marquette, Michigan, and Alan F. Mitchell lf, AMC General Sales Manager, stand in front of 80 1969 Badger Javelins that were part of a driveaway promotion marking AMC’s 15th anniversary in Milwaukee, before the driveaway, about 200 AMC dealers listened to William V. Lundberg, AMC President, at a breakfast meeting. Worth noting is that those dealers in the UP of Michigan were involved as part of a Wisconsin promotion!

    There is no specific codes or numbers that I am aware of that would designate a Javelin as being a “Badger”. There are 2-3 known to exist in 2007, making them some of the most collectible “regional” Javelins produced.”

  2. This a 1969 AMC Rebel “Raider” in the “Electric Green” later to be known as Big Bad Green. This is when AMC released it’s loud colors and these cars were the test cars for those colors. Only 300 of them were produced (probably 100 of each color I’d guess) The timing was to coinside with the New York Auto Show in 69. 75 of these vehicles were part of the driveaway event for the local dealers.

  3. I have 1 of two 68 Torino Pace cars
    dealer ordered with the428CJ & C6 transmission.
    It has been MARTI verified

  4. i have a factory pink gto 68 dose anyone no if it was a playboy car or who mite have orderd it trying to find info is one of 5000 front and back crome bumper thank you if u cane help

  5. You will find a ton of ‘regional specials’ American Motors built on my site. Pink AMXs, Badger Javelin, Yellow Jackets, Green Hornet (yes, like Kato’s buddy) P38 Gremlins, Gremlin Mini Wagons, Randall 401XR Gremlins & Pacers, Star Spangled Hurst SC/Ramblers, Rebel Raiders, some well known, others 99% of AMC fans never heard of because they might have been unique to a region, zone, or dealership. On the Playboy Pink AMX mentioned above, the link changed but more things added and you can find it under JUST STUFF file on my site, including more Playboy VIP Club items. Angela Dorian, AKA Victoria Vetri, tried to kill her boyfriend in LA in 2010 and last I hear is facing attempted murder charges. She had sold her pink AMX a few months before and a friend of mine in LA owns it and is restoring it to original beauty. You will also find a number of AMC regional and oddities under PHOTO GALLERIES/AMC ADS and also in the extensive AMC PRESS PHOTOS so be prepared to spend some time there as it is a almost 30 year collection of AMC, AMX & Javelin on my site as the r/w/b journey continues.

    While not a factory special, my 71 SC/360 Hornet appeared on Houston television for 4th of July as it is r/w/b paint, go take a peek at the youtube video:

    and thanks for stopping by my site,
    Eddie Stakes
    proudly serving the AMC Hobby since 1983

  6. Do you know anything about the Autoform Conversions, done on Firebirds and Camaro’s between 1982-1987? Nancy

  7. I just bought a 1969 badger javelin from a frends dad he owned it for 35 years. It needs to be restored but it runs and drives.

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