1969 Ford Mustang: The Going Thing

FORD DRAG TEAM 1969-1970


dragteam_11We recently received an email from a reader telling us about the GOING THING PROMOTION MUSTANGS. I vaguely remember these cars but know very little about them. The following was pulled from the internet and I hope you readers can provide some good photos and more detail about this rare Mustang.

Ford was heavy into racing in the late 60s. There were the NASCAR Talladega and Spoiler II cars as well as the GT40 Legends and of course the Shelby Cobras and Shelby Mustangs. One of the Ford advertising themes was “The Going Thing”.

To make things even hotter, in 1969, you could purchase your very own Drag Team replica, complete with Grabber Blue paint, and white C-stripes with the Going Thing logo. Ford reportedly built only 103 of these special Mustangs.

The “FORD DRAG TEAM” was Ford’s factory drag team for 1969 and 1970. The team was quite active, running super stock and match races, and giving performance seminars at Ford Dealers.

Using 428 Cobra Jet Torinos and 428 Cobra Jet Mustangs in Super Stock, and Mustang fastbacks equipped with the famous 427 SOHC for match racing, these cars were drag strip terrors. They were painted blue with white hoods and white ’69 Boss 302 style stripes and also a flip-flop scheme of white with blue stripes. The match-race SOHC cars also featured a huge Boss 429 style hood scoop, and American Torq-Thrust wheels.

Drag Racing’s High-Performance Hitchhikers…. Ford Truck Times magazine summer 1969 issue featues an article on the Ford Drag Team. “When an authority like CAR Magazine establishes an award for Top Performance Car of the Year, you expect the award to go to a particular car. And so it has-in every year except 1969. This year, instead it of giving the award to a car, the judges presented it to a manufacturer. The manufacturer is Ford Motor Company-and the award is for what CAR Magazine calls: ‘attitudes and achievements in the High Performance field.’ Two of the achievements mentioned in the award are the Ford Mach I Ram-Air Mustang and the Ford Torino Cobra 428, currently demonstrating their award-winning form on drag strips around the country. Scheduled for close to 100 appearances before an estimated 2,000,000 fans, the cars are the stars of two Ford drag racing teams-the Eastern Ford Drag Team featuring drivers Hubert Platt and Randy Payne, and the Western Ford Drag Team with drivers Ed Terry and Richard Wood. Between races, the forward-running Ford cars take a back seat behind another pair of Ford achievements-two Ford C-850 trucks which ferry the cars along the drag racing circuit. A Torino and Mustang travel in each truck. During the week, you’ll find the big trucks parked at local Ford Dealer headquarters, where the Ford Drag Teams are hard at work promoting the joint themes of performance and safety. This is an all-out effort which includes setting up Ford Drag Clubs and hosting drag racing clinics, complete with racing films and veteran lecturers. Weekends , the C-850’s carry the Ford cars to the tracks for a further demonstration of the best- and safest-ways to beat the track competition. Then, on to the next Ford dealership and the next race, with one or the other of the drivers the 428 Cobra Jet engine, which is no stranger to certain ford truck owners. The 428 is one of the engines offered in the Ford Ranchero, another Ford performance achievement in the Ford pickup line.

Most of this info was acquired from: Dearborn Flashback. If you have any additional information or comments on these cars please leave a comment below or send us an email on our Contact Page.



  1. I was looking for ed terry, My dad work with ed years ago
    in hayward calif. His name was G.C. PARTLOW.

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