Legendary Tours; Private Collections, Speed Shops and More

1959 El Camino

On this page we will be touring all the locations that don’t easily fit under the other categories. This will include private collections, speed shops, restoration facilities, manufacturing locations, TV Studios, music videos, retail outlets and who knows what else we might visit.

National Parts Depot (NPD) Private Collection

Boss 429 Mustang

The Boskovich Collection including the famous Pops Toy, Click Here

Daytona Superbird reunion at Talladega

Dodge Daytona, Plymouth Superbird and Ford Talladega, Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II Reunion

1967 Mustang Gloriana Music Video

Gloriana Music Video and our Project Mustang


Alan Jackson’s Private Collection


Legendary Collector Cars, Private Collection


Take a Tour of So-Cal Speed Shop


John Force Shop


  1. Nice to find you folks.
    Am presently constructing a most unique automobile from the ground up. It actually doesnt look like an automobile. At first glance, when you see all the improvements, you cant help saying, “What have we been thinking for the last 100 years!”
    Hope to see you all around

  2. Richard, I met you at Memphis, Super Chevy Show. I really appreciate your insight on the Ram Jet 350 engine. I finished the install of mine on Friday of last week. It sure was a relief when it only turned over two or three times and came to life. Life Is Good! Really, I think I’m gonna have some serious fun with my ol 65 Chevelle now. I am really pleased with the driveability of the car with this engine, no problems at all. Thanks again! Mike

  3. Mike, Great! The Ram Jet 350 is a good motor and it will make the Chevelle a lot of fun to drive. You did your home work and it paid off. Too many of us rush off to get something done and then spend more time trying to fix the darn think than if we had just taken our time to begin with. See you at Super Chevy Memphis next year (if the sun shines this time). When we were loading up to pull out of the parking lot the announcer said a tornado had been spotted over the speedway! That got people moving.

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