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What are you working on? Rat Rod!

Here it is, a surprise birthday present from Kevin’s wife. Lucky man!

It is always interesting to hear what different readers are working on. We recently received an email and photos from Kevin Evans with a new twist on a man’s interest in cars and a good wife’s loving support. He gets a surprise 1931 Chevy sedan 4-door from his wife as a 30th birthday present and she gets a little girl!

As Kevin tells the story, he works for the railroad and work often means he is gone for several days. Two weeks before he turned 30, as soon as he left for work his wife and her dad left with his car trailer and drove from Saint Louis MO to Nebraska. Why? To purchase a 1931 sedan that Kevin had never seen. It was an eight hour drive one way but the surprise trip was safe since Kevin was out playing with trains on the railroad.

His wife and her dad stored the surprise birthday present in a buddy’s shop for two weeks. That brings us to August of 2014 when he turned 30 years old. His wife and his twin sister had a surprise birthday party for him at a local K.C. Hall. Kevin estimates that there were 80 plus people in attendance. At just the right time, his called him to the front of the room and gave him an engine crank and said, “If you guessed what this is you can have your present.”

Of course a real car guy would knew exactly what it was; so it was a rush out the door to the parking lot along with all his family and friends to see what the surprise was. There sat a 1931 Chevy sedan! She knew exactly what he wanted, even that it had to be a four door. Kevin admits he got teary-eyed real fast just knowing that she had been really listening the last couple of months to all of his wish bucket items.


He wasted no time and started disassembly immediately. Well, he did wait for the party to end.



He also started ordering parts and more parts. He started building the frame from scratch.


The motor came out of his 68 Chevy 4-wheel drive. It’s a brand new 468 Chevy big block. It was a tight fit in the new frame.


Kevin says he just kept building from there. Everything on the car he built by himself. Unfortunately, he could not get a lot of help from his friends because of his strange hours on the railroad He works when most people are off.

So where does the baby girl part come in? As the story goes, Kevin and his wife had been trying to have a baby for over two years. When she gave him the car she was actually pregnant with their beautiful daughter.




This was at the end of April 2015; the baby was a week old and he began pulling the rat rod apart to begin the final welds of the frame and run fuel and break lines.



Kevin may call this a Rat Rod but from these photos it appears to be a high quality rod build. Unlike a lot of rusted out dangerous to drive Rat Rod this should be safe for Kevin, his wife and their little girl. Congratulations on a great car Kevin.

Kevin’s surprise 31 Chevy is not his first project. It is his second rat rod he has built. The first was a 53 Chevy pickup he built for his wife when they got married in 2013. She has been hooked every since; not every wife would drive 16 round trip to buy their husband a project.

The 31 project is not yet complete but Kevin continues to work on it between diaper changes. He hopes to have it close enough to make the Hot Rod Power tour stop in Saint Louis MO June 8 2015. If you are there, look for Kevin and say hi.

Kevin has promised to send us some more photos when this great project is completed. Thanks, Kevin!


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