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Waterless Wash and Shine by ProLong

Completed ZO6

We love the spray detailer products for quick cleanups at shows and even for every day beauty treatments. We have tried just about all of them that we can find. For some reason I am always looking for something better. It seems that each one I have tried does an excellent job 75% of the time and disappoints the other 25%. That is, for some jobs one will work great but not on others and some will do certain things and others won’t. I never remember which is which and get tired of tying to stock the ones that work and when to use that one brand.

That may have come to an end. My 2001 ZO6 Corvette was parked last winter before I could clean it up. I had foot surgery which kept me in the house for three months so the ZO6 just sat there with its body covered with dust, dirt and bugs from its last road trip. The car has approximately 55,000 miles since we brought it home from the dealership on July 4th 2001 and its paint has been well taken care of but it does have some road rash as would be expected with a car of that many miles.

Prolong Waterless Wash and Shine

I don’t like to wash it but rather keep it clean and wiped down with one of the waterless detailer products. I just picked up some Prolong Waterless Wash and Shine and Prolong Superprotectant for vinyl and rubber.

Prolong Super Protectant.

Before I use any products the first thing I like to do is take a California Duster and lightly wipe down the entire car to remove any light dust. The next thing is to do what none of us do; read the products instructions and follow them to the letter. This is painful and I hate to do it but one day I realized that the folks that make this stuff want it to give the best results possible so we will purchase more. It only makes sense that their way of doing it is based on tests and results so why not learn from them?

The Prolong Waterless Wash and Shine name is a little misleading. The product is not designed to “wash” a dirty car; one that has chunks of mud or other significant foreign objects on it. However, the ZO6 was dirtier than I would normally clean without using the wash bucket. In this situation the bottle said it could be used on a car with this much grime so I gave it a try and was remarkably surprised at how well it did.

ZO6 front fender lip, before.

Unless the car was unbelievably dirty trying to show you a dirty yellow car in photos is next to impossible. It is the same reason you should never judge a car online by its photos; it will always look much better in the photo than in person. Rather than show you how dirty the car was I will show you a couple of close ups to represent the cleanliness of the car when I started.

ZO6 front with bugs before.

As mentioned earlier, read the instructions on the bottle. Here is what it says:

  1. Hold trigger 8-10″ from surface and spray on small 2×2′ section.
  2. Using a folded terry cloth towel spread evenly and wipe clean.
  3. Using a clean terry cloth towel wipe dry until smooth and shiny.
  4. For tough stains, pre-soak for 30 seconds before wiping clean.

Now, after telling you to follow the instructions I did change my approach slightly from the one recommended. I spread the spray evenly and wiped the area clean. However, I used another clean terry cloth to dry the area and then followed up with a clean microfiber cloth to shine the area. I just think there are less opportunities with micro-scratches with the microfiber than with a terry cloth.

I believer the inside of the rear fender lips has to be one of the dirtiest areas on a Corvette. Mine had not only dirt but rock chips and tar specs. I soaked this area for 30 seconds and was shocked at how well the product took off not only the hard core dirt but the tar and bug stains as well! I have had more difficulty removing tar when using a tar remover.

ZO6 front fender lip after one quick pass of Prolong Waterless Wash and Shine. In this photo I still needed to do the final wipe and shine but instead went back and did a second spray to get it even cleaner.

When it came time for the tires I used the Super Protectant. It is suggested for vinyl, plastic, rubber and leather. It helps guard against ozone and ultraviolet damage. Simply spray a little onto the tire and wipe. depending on how much gloss you want on the tires will dictate how much you wipe; less gloss just wipe a little more.

The interior was still very presentable but next time I will take some of the Super Protectant to it.

Overall I was very satisfied with both products and will likely continue to use both as my standard until something new and better comes along. As of today, these are the best I have found to meet my needs.

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