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Ford Talladega 1969 News Article

Talladega guru, Rich Ochs sent me an interesting article from back in the day on the “New Model T Ford”. It is about the Talladega! The article is dated April of 1969 and the cars were only weeks old at that point. It even contains a photo of one of the prototype cars.

As with most things you read, it is not 100% factually correct but that is half the fun of getting this kind of stuff. You have to sift through the bad info to get to the good stuff. This is also how rummors get started that take on a life of their own.

Click Here to go to the article and read it for your self, it is cool.

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  1. Left A comment last night, Do not think it took so will try again. This story is one of the 1st. stories I have found printed on the Talladega….The car in the print is the Red Banjo car. This Talladega is the 1st. Proto Type T build as far as I can tell. Today it is owned by Jason Thompson and is being restored….it is a very important car to the Ford Talladega’s history. This car was build so the race teams and the factory could have a template to build their Talladega’s.
    You will be able to see this car at the Talladega Family Reunion in Oct of this year 2010..

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