Roy Brizio Street Rods


p-80-top-smallfordparts0299-smallIf you are a fan of hot rods then you know the name Roy Brizio. It is not a new name. It is a name with history and reputation. Author Bo Bertilsson in his new book gives you a picture by picture road map to some of Brizio’s most beautiful work.

The book contains some interesting background and history of the builder and some of the cars but the real beauty in the book are the cars themselves.  It is a book that goes through the Brizio resume by the decade of the cars he has touched.

p43-top-smallTable of Contents

Chapter 1: The Early Years

Chapter 2: The Shop

Chapter 3: Model A’s & T’s

Chapter 4: ’32 Fords

Chapter 5: ’33 & ’34 Fords

Chapter 6: ’35 to ’40 Fords

Chapter 7: ’50s to ’60s


The author is interesting and the photos are rewarding but you will also enjoy the Forward by Vic Edelbrock. There are other photos you will enjoy other than the hot rods. There is a dapper “Big Daddy” Ed Roth like you have never seen before, an 18 month old Roy Brizio sitting on a five-window coupe cowl, and how about Reggie Jackson in a hot rod. Want more? How about Chip Foose and George Barris?


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