Cobra in the Barn

I know we all sit around and dream of the perfect barn find. Some of us even are lucky enough to find one in our lifetime. For the very fortunate they may do it for a living.

Tom Cotter has chased barn finds most of his adult life with some notable results. He has gone one step further and has written a book to share stories about others who have found a prize in the barn. This is really a fun read and it is the kind of book you can take your time reading. It is a collection of very short stories about Automotive Archaeology. Each chapter is self contained and some are as short as a couple of pages.


When you want to read a car story and don’t have much time this is the perfect book. It is a paperback and small enough to tuck away in a brief case or on your self at the shop. Have a few minutes to kill or need a diversion? Pick it up and read a chapter or two your next step may be to the phone to check on the car you remember seeing one day a long time ago. When you start to feel like giving up on a project this just might be the motivation you need to keep you going.

This is another fine book from Motorbooks and has a list price of $19.99 US.


Chapter One: Barn Finds

Chapter Two: Fetching the Lotus

Chapter Three: Rare Birds

Chapter Four: Childhood Dreams

Chapter Five: Racing Relics

Chapter Six: “Professional” Car Hunters

Chapter Seven: Unconventional Discoveries

Chapter Eight: Death Be Not Proud

Chapter Nine: My Own Finds

Chapter Ten: Sleeping Beauties

Although the book contains photos of most finds, some even with before and after images, I would really like to have seen more. Half the fun of such finds is seeing what was found. You may have had a beautiful date for your Senior Prom but without pictures she was just another blind date to the rest of us!

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