The Mission of our site is to provide information on collecting cars to make you a more informed and happier collector. It is important for a car collector to enjoy their muscle cars, sports cars, hot rods or rat rods in a way that makes them happy, We will bring you the stories behind the owners and the cars. The stories about how the collector cars were acquired, about the breakdowns, about the special trips and especially about the people encountered along the way.

Race Car Tours


This really isn’t about touring the inside of a race car, but rather this page is about going to races and looking at the racers. We have no real preference for NASCAR, NHRA, IRL, SCCA or vintage racing. However, my wife and I really love rural America dirt track racing so you will see the big stuff here but keep watch for some up coming dirt track adventures. In addition there will be a big dose of Racer Reunion and/or vintage racing.


We will also be giving you a look back at some of the old race cars as well as some up close looks at newer cars we see at some of the tracks.



Click Here to see some great Vintage Racing from NASCAR to NHRA


Ted Musgrave

Click Here to see what goes on at a NASCAR Drivers’ Meeting


Southern Iowa Speedway Oskaloosa, Iowa

Southern Iowa Speedway Dirt Track, Click Here

Homestead Florida IRL

IRL at Homestead Florida for Test

Ted Musgrave

Nashville Craftsman Trucks August 9, 2008

2011 Indy 500 100th Anniversary; The People and Stuff!


Nashville IRL Indy Car Race


NASCAR Nationwide race at Nashville, 6/7/2008


INDY 500 in the pits and more, 2007





John Force Race Station and Museum

Paul Tracy

Paul Tracy is not a race; but he is one hell of a racer, Click Here.

Sidney Van Nieuwenhove Cart Racer from Belgium

Sidney Van Nieuwenhove, Kart Racer

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  1. Ron Aderholdt says:

    Is the four engine car pic’d at top the one that “TV TOMMY IVO” built and campained in the…. maybe early 60’s?

  2. rfleener says:

    You got it! That is the one. It was photographed at the NHRA Wally Parks Museum in Pomona, CA. You can see more at:

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