Motion Performance; Tales of a Muscle Car Builder

60-smallIf you were around in the late 60s or early 70 and picked up a car magazine then you have heard of Motion Performance. Their ads were every where and if you were into Chevrolet performance cars you had wet dreams about their cars. Martyn L. Schorr and Motorbooks have published the book on all the juicy details of those remarkable years and cars.

This is required reading even if you weren’t around in those days. This is muscle car history, you need to know it or if you want to know more about dealer-special high-performance Chevys,

this is a must have. The author, Schorr, was a business partner of Motion Performances Joel Rosen at one time.


Included are many stories of performance cars but also the story of the battles with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Justice, which eventually shut down the business in 1974. Even over 30 years ago the US Government knew how to kill businesses, they have just perfected it over the years until now they have managed to even take down two of the big three.



The inside two page spread just before the Table of Contents is worth the price of the book, it shows some young car guys walking by a modified 1969 Corvette to inhale the looks of a 69 winged Dodge Daytona; classic muscle car.

Table of Contents

1. Muscle in America

2. Joel Rosen and the Motion Mystique, Part1: The early Years, 1957-1966

3. A Tale of Two Cobras

4. Joel Rosen and the Motion Mystique, Part 2: The Supercar Years

5. Baldwin-Motion: Legendary Performance, Cult Status

6. Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday, Round 1

7. 1967: The Chevelle with Three Lives

8. 1967: Motion Subercar Club

9. 1967: In Memoriam: Astoria Chas and the Legend of Ko-Motion

10. 1967: Baldwin-Motion Iso Grifo, Hot and Rare

11. 1967: Indian Uprising on Sunrise Highway

12. 1968: Muscle for the Masses

13. Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday, Round 2

14. 1968: The Corvette Connection

15. 1968: The Good Olds Days

16. 1969: The Number One Team

17 1969: Have Muscle Will Travel

18. 1969: Phase III GT, Grand Touring American Style

19. 1970: New and Improved Camaro Is Worth the Wait

20. 1970: Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday, Round 3

21. 1970: Bill Mitchell Shrinks the Supercar

22. 1971: It’s Business as Usual in Baldwin

23. 1972-1975: The Handwriting Is on the Wall

24. 1976-1987: The End of an Era

25. 2005: Motion Redux


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