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Floor Mats: Memorabilia

Are Floor Mats the next Collectible?

As the collector cars become more and more valuable there seems to be a growing interest in less expensive car memorabilia. The typical old oil cans, neon signs, road side signs, diecast models and dealership brochures are all popular to mention just a few. I find myself getting more and more interested in these items because they generate some of the same memory triggers that the old cars do but at a small fraction of car prices.

This is the 1969 Mercury Cyclone Dan Gurney Spoiler I found the rare floor mats in. It is a factory 428 Ram Air SCJ 4-speed car; one of only five built.

A few years ago I purchased a 1969 Mercury Cyclone Dan Gurney (blue and white) Spoiler SCJ. It is a very rare car, one of five built, and in mostly original condition. I have yet to start the restoration on it but I do start it and drive it around the property occasionally.  When I got it I did notice that it had some funky floor mats in it that I had never seen before. I figured they were some Pep Boy special that Manny Moe and Jack put together. Although the carpet was shot I just left the mats in the car thinking I would toss them out when I got to installing the new carpet.

One day I pulled the mats out and pulled up the carpet to see what the floors were like on the inside. Once done, I laid the carpet back and picked up the mats. This was the first time I really looked at them. They were like done others I had ever seen. They had a Ford logo on them and the silhouette of a GT40! These were obviously a Ford product but they had a wild 60s paisley design on them.

This is a 1969 Mercury Cyclone Cale Yarborough Spoiler with a 428CJ Ram Air automatic, one of ten built. This car has the red and black paisley floor mats.

I later came across a set of identical floor mats but in a red/black paisley design. They were in a 1969 Mercury Cyclone Cale Yarborough (red and white) Spoiler. This confirmed in my mind that they were a Ford product but one I had never seen or heard of before.

I began doing some additional research and with the help of a friend confirmed that they were in the 1969 Ford Accessories Catalog!


The cover of the 1969 Ford Accessories catalog is a piece of art of the time. I remember the “Better Ideas” light bulb ads but don’t remember the the “For the Active People…” lead in.

See item O. and P. Two-Piece Paisley Vinyl floor mats.
Here is the listing with an image of the mats included.

Here is an enlarged image of the mats.

The photo is not the best but you can see that these appear to be the gold and black paisley floor mats that are identical other than color to mine!

I am looking for any additional information on these. I would actually like to purchase another set for another car. I would love to have a set of black and white ones for my white 1969 Ford Talladega!

If you have any info contact me at

Here are some photos and brief descriptions.

This is what the full front floor mat for the driver side looks like. It is a clear rubberized material with a fabric paisley print on the back side.
This is the back side of the same mat.
This is a close up of the Ford logo on the face of the mat.


This is a close up of the Ford GT40 that is embossed on the mat!
This is the rear mat, it is in the same condition I found it. They are still with the car but the car has not yet been restored.
This is the back side of the blue mat. The cloth fabric has a heavy backing to protect it and preserve the print.
This is a close up of the blue Ford logo. This mat has not yet been cleaned or restored.

What do you think, will unique vintage floor mats become the next big car memorabilia collectible?

Did the other manufactures have any strange or unique floor mats for their muscle cars?

Contact me ( if you have any info on other unique deal available car accessories.

This is the blue GT40 on the floor mat.

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