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Changes Coming to NASCAR?

It has just come to my attention that NASCAR’s Brian France has decided to do away with the restrictor plates on the Superspeedways such as Daytona and Talladega. For years fans have been complaining about the quality of racing at such events. NASCAR has also been worried about cars becoming airborne and flying into the catch fences or even the grand stands.

For decades NASCAR has considered that the race cars were just too fast to be safe. Over the years this has resulted in the extinction of  various aero dynamic modifications, stock bodies and the eventual elimination of the big block engines. As the cars continued to increase in speed at the Superspeedways restrictor plates, spoilers, wings, roof flaps, spliters and other devices were added to keep the cars from taking flight. Reluctant to further reduce horsepower or further modify race car bodies, I have it on weak authority, that a new program of camper trailer racing is being considered by Brian France. It is his belief that the added weight and air drag will slow the cars sufficiently that no other modifications will be necessary and that it may even be possible to remove the hated restrictor plates.camper2

The France proposal is being quietly tested outside the US and has the potential to slow the cars while adding much needed excitement to the racing. It is also no secret that many of the NASCAR fans are also campers, many of whom camp out at the race track during weekend events. This new innovative proposal also has the added benefit of creating much larger surface areas on the trailers for increased sponsor advertising. This could even bring new potential sponsors to the races.

As alluded to previously, I have been told by at least one anonymous race fan, who was almost sober, that we will soon see camper trailer racing at Daytona and Talladega! The new rules for these events are simple. Each race team must attach a camper trailer to their car’s rear bumper and every car must finish the race with some part of the trailer still attached to the race car at the checkered flag. There will be no more suspicious Yellow Flag for debris.

It is believed that the added weight and aero drag will slow the cars considerably and that the added evasive maneuvers to avoidother cars and debris will add considerably to fan interest.

We have just obtained a secret video of a test/demonstration race. What are your thoughts?

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